A new scandal has once again splashed the Premier League. The English league is designated after uncovering a new case related to bookmakers. The protagonist is Ivan Toneyplayer of the Brentford and who are accused of profiting from them in recent years.

Bookmakers are a very lucrative way to earn money. Therefore, they are used by millions of people every day to try to fill their pockets. As is obvious, the athletes who participate in the different events are completely prohibited from participating in them and they are especially hard on it in England. There the players have rules that veto them and their closest friends to invest money in bets related to their profession.

However, there are certain people who do not respect it. From time to time, cases of some who participate directly to earn money thanks to their actions are uncovered. Ivan Toney is the latest in a long line of footballers who have been hunted at the highest level.

Toney wails during a game.


Interestingly, the most recent cases have been in the Premier League. In England it has one of the most powerful leagues in the world and the most followed, so its betting fields are much broader than any other. Money can be played for almost any stat. And that is used by many.

Ivan Toney, striker Brentford, has been accused of violating the rule up to 232 times over four years, between 2017 and 2021. News that has surprised everyone due to its repeated recidivism. All the cases occurred just before his team jumped to the First Division, that is, it was when he played in lower category competitions. Once the leap to the Premier was made, the footballer stopped his decision to bet.

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Toney, last on the list

The English league is probably the most striking to carry out sports bets. Many games, many competitions and an endless list of elements to which you can put money to make it profitable. A situation from which several footballers have tried to profit.

The English Football Federation (FA) was the first to raise the alarm about Ivan Toney’s illegal practices. Through a clear and concise message, he reflected what was happening with the footballer, who was accused of having repeatedly broken the rules against betting.

“Ivan Toney has been accused of misconduct in relation to breaches of the FA betting rules,” they reported at first instance. “The Brentford striker is charged with breaching FA Rule E8 some 232 times between February 25, 2017 and January 23, 2021″, he pointed out about him.

Toney, after a failed occasion.

Toney, after a failed occasion.


Said rule establishes that footballers cannot be participants when it comes to putting money in the matches they take part in. “A participant must not bet directly or indirectly, nor instruct, permit or cause any other person to bet for any reason related to soccer,” the law states.

Brentford, Toney’s team, also sent a brief statement to report on the player’s situation. “The club has held talks with Ivan and his legal representatives on the matter., and those conversations will continue in private. No further comments will be made until the issue is fully addressed,” explains the Premier team.

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For this reason, the absence of the forward in the list of Southgate of England for him Qatar World Cup 2022. Toney has been one of the fittest attackers he had, but the coach decided to take Callum Wilson.

Now, after uncovering the case, many sources say that this has been the real reason for his absence from the list, since his numbers (11 goals in 15 games) made him one of the great favorites to accompany Harry Kane and company in the attack positions.

Reiteration in the Premier

The Toney thing is not something exceptional in the Premier League. In recent years, different cases have been uncovered that directly pointed to players who played for different clubs in the English league. The most notorious of them was that of Kieran Trippierwhich passed through the ranks of the Atlético to return time later to Newcastle.

The winger and his transfer to the rojiblanco team was the reason for the sanction imposed by the FIFA. The soccer player leaked information to his environment about his arrival at Atlético de Madrid, which caused great profits through the betting houses. They forced him to serve a 10-week suspension and pay £70,000.

Simeone and Kieran Trippier, at Atlético de Madrid

Simeone and Kieran Trippier, at Atlético de Madrid


Daniel Sturridge It was another of the negative protagonists. The English player was caught when he passed information to his brother so that she would invest money by notifying him that he was close to landing on the Sevilla in 2018. The transfer was frustrated, but the striker was monitored in his movements.

After several years of resources and appeals, the illegal betting investigation commission and FIFA imposed a harsh punishment on him. In total four months of suspension and almost 180,000 euros to pay. From there, his career went downhill after rescinding his contract. Trabzonspor your contract. A situation that has made him not currently have a team.

In 2017, Joey Barton He saw how the FA sanctioned him with 18 months of inactivity after discovering that he had bet 1,260 times throughout his sports career. “I have battled gambling addiction and have provided the FA with a medical report on my problem. I am disappointed that it was not taken into proper consideration,” the midfielder said. A harsh sentence that forced him to leave football prematurely when he was a member of the Burnley.

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There are also cases of Martin Demichelis and Andrew Towsend. The Argentine central defender was also discovered by the FA and it was made public that he bet on 29 games during his stay at the Manchester City. For his part, the Englishman was banned for four months after an episode in the 2012/13 season when he was a member of the Birmingham City.

That is to say, English football and its players are usual suspects of breaking the rules when it comes to betting money on matches. Although it is registered in the FA rules, many players have been hunted when it comes to getting a bonus with bets. And coincidentally, many more cases have been uncovered on the islands than in other countries.

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