an administration of Lottery of Barcelona has distributed a prize of 1,474,000 euros -before subtracting taxes- to a peña made up of 390 people who bet on the Football pools ‘online’, as reported by the administration itself to this newspaper.

“We do quite a few awards of this type,” he explained to EL PERIÓDICO Eduardo Losilla, owner of the administration in question, located at number 492 Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes. This is due, as he says, to the numerous clubs of anonymous people who come together to bet through their website.

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“Among 390 people, in total we played 21,000 euros a week, which amounts to an average of 50 euros per person played every week,” explains Losilla. This fact that increases the chances of winning, of course. But the prize must be shared. The awarded people would have spent some 650 euros throughout the previous 15 days of the League, to finally obtain a prize of 3.782 euros, taxes not included, this week. “In the end, playing this money, we give a lot of prizes,” concludes Losilla.

The prize of 1,474,000 euros is the result of adding a ticket with 15 hitsfour with 14 hits and others with 13 and 12 hits, according to the administration.


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