English football has once again been peppered with betting, or that is what the federation after what happened in the Oxford United-Arsenal. The match is being investigated due to a yellow card, so the match is under scrutiny due to “suspicious patterns related to gambling.

Everything happened in a card received by the footballer Ciaron Brown, Oxford United player. Nothing unusual, however, through the bets the profits skyrocketed with the card in the second half to the defender, who entered the striker ‘gunner’ with serious harshness Bukayo Saka.

After the yellow, the bookmakers detected a huge flow of money moving after the warning to Brown. This caused them to immediately inform the English Federation, which has not been slow to analyze the matter in depth in what seems to be an endemic evil in British football.

Arsenal goal against Oxford United.


Arsenal were able to enjoy a comfortable victory against Oxford United thanks to goals from Mohamed Elneny and the double of Eddie Nketiah. A victory in which the yellow card had no influence, but which did cause an unexpected flow of capital movement.

It is not the first time that an Arsenal match has been studied for various irregularities in bookmakers. In the 2021/22 season, at the beginning of the Premier Leaguehis match against Leeds was analyzed, where Marcelo Bielsa was still at that time, after an action that caused controversy.

The protagonist was Granit Xhaka, the midfielder was booked in the last ten minutes of the game. As a result, a profit of 52,000 pounds was generated, in an action that unleashed the suspicions of the English Federation. An action that was investigated and on which they have not yet ruled.

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In another sport with great ancestry in the United Kingdom such as snooker, the suspension of ten Chinese players was also confirmed for their relationship with betting. A case that has come to light again and that seems to settle within its borders continuously.

Toney, the biggest case

Ivan Toney, striker Brentford, was accused of infringing the rule up to 232 times over four years, between 2017 and 2021. News that surprised everyone in the Premier League for its repetitive offence. All the cases occurred just before his team jumped to the First Division, that is, it was when he played in lower category competitions. Once the leap to the Premier was made, the footballer stopped his decision to bet.

“A participant must not bet directly or indirectly, nor instruct, allow or cause any other person to bet for any reason related to soccer,” says the law that prevails in the Federation on cases in sports betting.

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