February 14, 2024

In a short time we have seen how slot machines found on the Internet a space tailored to them on which to continue expanding and even evolving. While in-person gaming sessions continue to be popular around the world, online versions generate more and more interest. And as a result of this, online casinos specialized in these machines such as TodoSlots have been born.

Creating the bar experience

There are different aspects that make TodoSlots an interesting destination, but what is most original is the way in which they try to recreate the experience of visiting bars the old way. More precisely, they have a series of categories that they present as if they were different themed bars. In this way it is possible to access several selections of slot machines and thus have a different way of accessing the many games available.

To enter this menu you just have to click on “Bars” in the top navigation bar. That opens a menu where you can select places such as Bar Carnaval, Bar Antaño, El Famoseo, Bar Misterio or Bar La Nota, to name just a few. Clicking not only changes the customization of the screen with the design of each of the bars, but also modifies the selection of machines that appear. In this way, the user has the feeling that he is visiting different bars.

In El Famoseo, for example, there are all the slot machines popular culture characters, such as Chiquito de la Calzada, Eugenio, Pocholo, Andy y Lucas or Aramis Fuster, to name just a few. Once the user finds a game that interests them, they just have to click to see screenshots, find a complete description and discover every last detail of each machine.

It is not common for other casinos to offer so much information, which makes TodoSlots a very complete option for users who want a most immersive experience possible. That applies to each of the dozens of slot machines that are available, so you can ensure that it has a good volume of informative and supportive content.

General access to all slots

If you do not want to virtually visit the different bars that are available, what the user can do as an alternative is click on the “Slot Machines” section of the top bar. That takes you to the main page where all machines are available. They are presented in rows with good-sized images and indicators that show whether, for example, they are slot machines that are trending, if they are exclusive or if they are new, among other factors.

As a last detail, TodoSlots also has a category of video bingos with more game options that move away from the formula of more traditional slot machines. This is another way in which the casino tries to provide its users with everything they may be interested in.

Source: www.juego-legal-espana.es

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