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Online casinos have specific characteristics that are regulated by the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation (DGOJ). The player must make sure that the chosen site complies with these regulations in order to ensure their safety.

How to know if the casino is safe?

To know if a casino is really safe, certain specific questions must be considered before starting a registration. The player who wants to create an account on an online casino platform must always confirm that the site has the following:

  • Authorization by official entities: Official casinos are authorized by the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation (DGOJ), an organization that guarantees that it is a safe and legal place.

  • Safe play: Official casinos have the characteristic of ensuring reliable, fair and transparent gaming. In this way, the user is assured that they will enjoy security in their payments, clear rules and a secure user account.

  • Various payment methods: Although it may seem like an irrelevant feature, it is important because it allows you to make deposits and withdrawals easily and safely. Secure casinos are responsible for offering a variety of payment methods so that players can make their transactions efficiently.

  • Clear Terms and Conditions: Ideally, the site presents Terms and Conditions in a clear and accessible manner. In general, it is usually at the bottom of the page and explains each of the questions regarding the playing conditions.

The issues mentioned above are just some of the features that secure online casinos should have. Official casinos always comply with all the regulations established by official entities, thus guaranteeing their suitability.

Some of the official casinos in Spain

In Spain there is a wide variety of official online casinos that players can access safely. Among the most notable in the sector are the following:

  • Casino777.es: It is one of the most complete online casinos in the world of iGaming, as it offers casino games, sports and diversity in promotions. It has a wide portfolio of payment methods, such as Skrill, Neteller, Bizum, Paypal, Paysafecard, Visa and Mastercard.

  • Code: It is a platform where players can place sports bets in addition to accessing a wide variety of games of chance. The player also has the possibility of playing live casino with real dealers from anywhere.

  • Betway Casino: The platform offers casino games and the possibility of making sports bets. Among the most notable games are slots, table games, video poker and games with progressive jackpots. Another advantage that Betway Casino has is that it has live dealers, 100% real.

  • Bet365: It is a sports betting site and online casino where you can access live games and also exclusive poker tables.

All official casinos have security throughout their platform, through specific software that prevents interference by third parties. In this way, players not only preserve their personal data but also all their transactions and browsing paths. Official online casinos are responsible for providing a 100% secure site where all the gaming is transparent and reliable.

Source: www.juego-legal-espana.es

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