Important updates to the Shiba Inu (SHIB) ecosystem were recently revealed by the top leader. In a recent development, Shytoshi Kusama, highlighted upcoming important updates within the SHIB ecosystem. The updates were shared in the latest issue of SHIB magazine.

In an article called “Releasing the SHEboshis and some other updates”, the Shiba Inu leader highlighted the main advances that will be made in the ecosystem soon.

The report informed about the launch of a new experiment to test the 404 Eth standard on Ethereum (ETH), which was called THE SHEboshis.

“We will be launching a new experiment to test the 404 Eth standard on Ethereum. We call this experiment THE SHEboshis, just in time for Valentine’s Day. We won’t talk about the future of this experiment, but we are happy for the Shiboshi to finally get a companion and we think things will progress well with this relationship as we get closer to mating season later in the year.”

Kusama added: “Because the 404 standard is so new, this drop might be a little confusing if you’ve never heard of how this NFT hybrid works, so pay close attention to our article on THE SHIB and upcoming blogs explaining how it works. Also note that we took $LEASH (exclusivity, baby!) and Shiboshi holders into consideration as well in the drop design, making it claimable for the latter and “first right” exclusive for the former.”

Kusama explained that he hopes the experiment will help capture liquidity in Eth for the pool and bring it to Shibarium. To this end, shortly after launch, the SHEboshis and their companions, the Shiboshis, will be transferred to the Shibarium, according to the leader.

“Additionally, as part of the Shibaswap 1.5 launch (2.0 update soon to follow) on Shibarium, we will find that many more tokens and projects will be transferred to Shibarium at the perfect time. We also invite Shibarium tokens for this launch so that the entire system will launch in a similar way to Shibaswap 1.0. It’s important to note our current progress on a few other things as well.”


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