9 February 2023

In all online casinos, beyond the services and games they offer, a feature that is always highly valued is the presence of systems that protect users. Complying with responsible gaming rules means not only doing the bare minimum, but casinos like PlayUZU They show that much more can be done. In their case, they put it into practice through My Bodyguard, a service that takes care of guaranteeing that everyone plays very safely.

What is the My Bodyguard service?

From PlayUZU they define it as a personal assistant that accompanies users of your online casino so that they are protected at all times. In practice, it is an intelligent system that records all the activity in the casino and that takes care of doing a deep analysis throughout the data that has been stored in the last half year.

The game information of the six months The most recent data is recorded in the tool so that it is possible to clearly know how much money has been lost or how much has been spent and also how much has been earned. No less important, the system also registers something as important as the game time, which will help to see more clearly what the personal situation of the users is regarding the control of the online game.

In addition to offering those stats, My Bodyguard makes use of its intelligent programming to give more support. For example, it will provide information that will be crucial to understanding if an online gambling problem is building up. Thus, the assistant will inform about the gaming habits and give a score with which you will know if you are in a risk zone or if there is nothing to worry about.

A very helpful tool

My Bodyguard will also take care of compare game statistics with those of other users so that it is known at what level each person is with respect to the average. And if there is some kind of risk, you play too long or are exposed to some situation that should be avoided, the assistant will send notifications that will help you disconnect and take a break.

One of the most interesting aspects is that the activity and Bodyguard’s analysis are also registered. This means that you can see what the gambling risk status is based on different dates. Perhaps 1 month ago there was too much gambling and the system said that the user was in a “high risk” situation, but with the help of the bodyguard it could be seen that, in the next registration a week later, the status was already It has been lowered to “medium risk”.

To find the assistant My Bodyguard you have to go to the My account section once you have made the identification on the website of PlayUZU. Then you just have to click on game history and there you will see the button corresponding to the Bodyguard.

Source: www.juego-legal-espana.es

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