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He portal Geof the group Globopublishes that the striker Diego Costa is the subject of a police operation in connection with a betting house. The investigation is channeled into the irregularities that have been committed through its website. What has been known is that a footballer is involved and the aforementioned medium points in the direction of the Spanish-Brazilian.

As it has transpired in a note, the Federal Police of Sergipe has deployed an operation against the “alleged practice of gambling exploitation, money laundering, currency evasion and criminal organization” related to the bookmaker ESPORTENET.

Those investigated within this network range from platform owners to financial operators. The name of Diego Costa comes from the “alleged financier” of the aforementioned criminal network. So it has slipped that this would be “a soccer player.”

Diego Costa, in an Atlético Mineiro match


His identity has not been disclosed, but according to Ge, this would presumably be Diego Costa. At the moment, it is not known if this information is true or not, but the player of the Atlético Mineirothe club for which he signed last August after terminating his contract with Atleti at the end of 2020, is the one that the Brazilian outlet points to as an alleged financier of the network.


As part of the operation, this Thursday law enforcement officers carried out seven search warrants in the Brazilian states of Sergipe (where Diego Costa is from), Bay (northeast) and São Paulo (southeast). Said operation began on March 3 when “documents and computer equipment were seized,” according to the media, which allowed the investigation to continue advancing.

As the Police have indicated, thanks to the evidence obtained, it was possible to identify “other betting platforms” that have been used by said group and that acted as “companies” to “launder money and evade foreign currency.” Participation in the network of money changers who provided their services to help the organization “in the process of currency evasion” has also been confirmed.

Now the investigation is in the phase of “Operation Distraction” -so it has been baptized-. In it, an attempt is made to elucidate how the entire process of currency evasion occurred, focusing on the money changers and the financier. This is, in the soccer player.

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