Wesley Sneijder y Dirk Kuytboth former internationals with the selection of the Netherlandsthey would have bet on an illegal gambling site that has ties to the drug trafficker Piet S. This is what is pointed out in the police reports in the investigation of an important case against drug trafficking in the country of tulips.

The bookmaker was Edobetwhich does not exist, and was founded by Freddy S., the son of ‘The Godfather of The Hague’, as the ringleader of this drug trafficking network is nicknamed. The authorities have had access to conversations that show that both Sneijder and Kuyt bet regularly in the aforementioned bookmaker.

Sneijder and Kuyt, now analysts at the Champions League, regularly visited the Edobet site. “Dirk Kuyt sometimes gambled 25,000 euros a day,” writes the media General Journal, who has had access to the police report. In wiretapped conversations, police also hear that Sneijder did not pay his gambling debts and that he and his family “should be kicked to the hospital” if he did not.

The Kuyt and Sneijder confessions

Both have been questioned. Kuyt confessed that he was sometimes active in Edobet. “Often I left it on the site, but sometimes they paid me. I used to meet someone at a gas station, for example. I liked to do this in cash, to be able to play anonymously,” confessed the former Liverpool. “Sometimes they paid me in cash. I didn’t play for the money, but I liked to play.”

Kuyt could have committed several crimes according to his confession. First for playing in a betting house without a license and then for collecting cash, which could give indications of money laundering by the gang being investigated for drug trafficking: “It can be argued that the money came from a crime “, points out the Dutch media.

Sneijder spoke to police a month before Kuyt and said he never got to play on the site. The former international was approached by people who said he was in debt, but he denies that he had anything to do with the case: “They apologized 10 times and then left. I never heard from them again,” Sneijder said during police questioning.

The media Algemeen Dagblad has now contacted both footballers, who speak briefly: “When I was able to prove that this was not true, this story ended,” says Sneijder. “The period in which I played through Edobet is over and I prefer not to be reminded of this moment,” Kuyt replies.

Source: www.elespanol.com

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