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MetaMask, a leading decentralized wallet, announced a partnership with Daylight to launch a feature that allows users to quickly identify their eligibility for cryptocurrency project airdrops.

As MetaMask reported on its official website, the new feature is now available and allows users to check, access and “claim” crypto and NFT airdrops for which they are eligible.

The new feature will be available on the MetaMask portfolio “Explore” page, offering users the ability to find relevant airdrops and NFTs with just a few clicks.

“With the Daylight integration, users will also be able to receive suggestions for exclusive NFTs based on a variety of social factors, personalizing recommendations according to each user’s profile. From being whitelisted to following specific creators or influencers, Daylight uses a smart algorithm to offer tailored recommendations,” he highlighted.

MetaMask launches feature focusing on airdrops

One of the most exciting features of this new feature is the ability to check eligibility across multiple networks, including Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, Zora, Polygon, and others. With this, users can claim their airdrops and NFTs in one place, simplifying the process and saving time.

“You may not know it, but right now you are missing out on the opportunity to win an airdrop,” declared MetaMask.

According to data from CoinGecko, 23 of the 50 largest airdrops (46%) recorded peak token prices during the first 2 weeks of the launch date. According to the portal, this suggests that the best time to sell these tokens may be within 14 days of receiving them.

Airdrop tokens that achieved their highest short-term price returns include Ethereum Name Service (+73% on day 2 of trading), X2Y2 (121% on day 2), Blur (+90% on day 6), LooksRare ( +192% on day 10) and ArbDoge AI (425% on day 14).

Among the most recent airdrops, Jito (+43% on day 2), Wen (37% on day 3), Dymension (+75% on day 10), Manta (+72% on day 12) and Heroes of Mavia (+ 217% on the 13th), were also more profitable for users if they sold right after the airdrop.

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