The Solana network, known for its speed and efficiency, has been experiencing significant congestion in recent days. This scenario has resulted in delays and failures in user transactions, generating a wave of concerns and debates within the cryptocurrency community.

Therefore, Solana developers announced the date to correct the flaws detected in transactions. The announced date was April 15th to implement the correction to transaction problems on the blockchain network.

Commenting on the issues seen recently, Mert Mumtaz, CEO of Helius Labs, explained that it is more of an “implementation bug” than a “design flaw”.

“It’s important to make this distinction because implementation errors are usually trivial (they can be swapped out by other implementations) – but design errors are usually serious and more fundamental,” he said.

Mumtaz revealed that the target date for the patch is April 15th. However, this date may be postponed if other problems arise.

Solana Network Registers New Congestion: Impacts and Solutions in View

The origin of the congestion faced by the network can be attributed to a complicated interaction between the QUIC implementation and the Agave validator client, responsible for processing a high volume of requests within the network. The Anza team, attentive to the issues raised, has announced that it is in the testing phase of a patch aimed at alleviating the congestion issues currently faced.

Interestingly, the increase in the number of failed transactions on the Solana network has raised questions about the nature and impact of these failures. Contrary to what many may assume, a failed transaction on Solana is not an indication of a system failure. On the contrary, it represents a user protection mechanism, ensuring that only valid transactions are processed. This aspect distinguishes Solana from other blockchain networks, where the concept of “mempool” transactions can result in delays and uncertainty for users.


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