The number of transactions on the Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) network reached an incredible level recently, as noted in a survey released on April 9. Data from the IntoTheBlock platform revealed that there was a staggering 196% increase in Ethereum Layer-2 transactions.

According to the survey, the number of transactions in layer 2 of the Ethereum network skyrocketed after the Dencun update. The essence of the Dencun update lies in the introduction of proto-danksharding. This technique involves dividing large volumes of data into smaller parts, which allows for more agile processing. This efficiency not only speeds up operations, but also reduces operational costs for L2 networks, benefits that are directly passed on to end users.

The survey also noted that the number of transactions settled in the main L2s registered an increase of 196%, to 5.67 million. The processing leadership is with the Base network, which currently processes around 57% of these transactions, followed by Arbitrum and Optimism with 31% and 11%, respectively, according to the data.

It is worth remembering that the Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) network, Base, reached a significant milestone recently, highlighting its growth and development. According to a survey shared by analytics platform IntoTheBlock on April 3, the Base network is dominating the L2 scene.

Gas costs for L2 networks plummeted after Dencun update and activity reaches a maximum of 32 million

Gas costs on Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) networks plummeted following Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade and activity reached a fairly significant milestone recently, according to a survey shared by analytics platform, IntoTheBlock, on April 6.

The Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) networks, where projects like Optimism, Zora and Base have seen a significant drop in transaction costs. This development is a direct result of the recent implementation of the Dencun update, a milestone that is being celebrated by users and developers in the community.

According to platform data, L2 gas costs plummeted following Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade, causing activity on the network to radically increase and reach highs of 32 million transactions per week. The analysis shared a graph that shows the increase in transactions on the Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base networks.


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