In an innovative initiative, the Fuzhou Industrial Bank (CIB) announced a new rewards system, transforming digital yuan (e-CNY) spending into carbon credit points. This scheme allows users to accumulate environmental benefits through everyday transactions, including daily payments and financial investments, through a dedicated mobile application.

This program is a strategic component of the bank’s broader policy to foster a sustainable consumption culture and optimize the digital yuan ecosystem. CIB has been a pioneer in green finance, facilitating the use of digital transactions to purchase carbon offsets and make sustainable loans.

With nearly 7.3 million digital wallets and transactions exceeding 300 billion yuan, Industrial Bank is rapidly expanding the adoption of digital currency. This financial institution has been a pillar in the development of automated banking services and information systems in China, with the aim of fully integrating all financial services under an open banking model.

This development at Banco Industrial coincides with greater efforts in China to expand the use of e-CNY. Chinese authorities are collaborating with state and private banks to promote the currency, seeking widespread acceptance among businesses and consumers. At the same time, Hong Kong began to facilitate the use of the digital yuan in local commercial transactions, expanding its applicability.


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