Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has made an ARKM listing announcement: altcoin Arkham (ARKM) will soon be listed on its network. This inclusion is particularly exciting news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors, marking another important step in the expansion of the digital asset ecosystem. At the time of publication, the price of ARKM was quoted at US$2.64, up 3% in the last 24 hours.

ARKM, which operates on the Ethereum network, emphasizes the importance of sending tokens only through this network to avoid losses. Expected to begin negotiations on April 2, 2024, Arkham offers a unique proposal in the cryptocurrency scenario. After a successful launch on Binance Launchpad, Arkham has not only established itself as a promising project but also revealed previously hidden information on several cryptocurrency holding entities.

Arkham’s essence lies in its mission to deanonymize transactions on the blockchain, offering valuable insights into the parties involved. This not only provides transparency but also a detailed analysis of the activities and conduct of these entities.

At the heart of Arkham’s operation is Profiler, an analytical tool that dives deep into the world of crypto transactions. Offering a comprehensive spectrum of information, Profiler allows users to access data such as transaction history, portfolio holdings, balance history, as well as profits and losses. This tool is vital for understanding the dynamics of exchange usage and identifying the main counterparties involved in transactions.

Coinbase’s listing of Arkham is a moment of celebration for the cryptocurrency community, promising to bring more visibility and accessibility to this innovative project. With support from Coinbase, ARKM is well positioned to attract even more attention and investment in the world of cryptocurrencies.


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