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Snoring is perhaps one of the most annoying sounds for anyone who sleeps next to someone who snores. But what if you could use that annoying noise to make money?

This is the proposal of SnoreCoin (SNORE), a cryptocurrency whose pre-sale began this Monday (1). SNORE, whose symbol is a friendly brown bear, brings an innovative Proof-of-Noise (PoN) concept. In other words, Noise Proof, as it offers the chance to monetize snores and use them to earn SNORE.

With this innovative proposal and a potential market of 24% of the population, SNORE could be the new cryptocurrency to leverage gains in the bull market. Several traders already consider the possibility of SNORE offering returns of up to 1,400% upon launch.


SnoreCoin (SNORE) has a limited supply of 420 million tokens, of which 21% will be traded through its pre-sale. The SNORE system also has blocks mined every snore interval, that is, every 5 minutes.

Each block yields 200 SNORE rewards, but the cryptocurrency also has a halving mechanism that cuts issuance every time period. In this case, for every 840 thousand blocks “snored”, that is, mined, this reward drops by half.

Therefore, SNORE’s price tends to increase as the entry of new tokens to the market decreases.

The innovative concept of PoN is very similar to that of Proof-of-Work (PoW) used in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC). In PoW, the more computing power a machine has, the greater the chance of it being able to find the block and receive the reward.

In SNORE, PoN takes into account the intensity of the snoring produced. The more intense the sound, the more energy it delivers to the network and, therefore, the greater the chances of finding the blocks.

Therefore, if you or your spouse snores loudly, this no longer needs to be a source of discomfort. On the contrary, the sound energy from snoring can be converted into extra income through SNORE mining.

How to participate

To participate in the SNORE pre-sale, it’s very simple: all you need is a cryptocurrency wallet and a relative with high snoring power (or it could be yourself). With this, you can mine as many SNORE as your snores can.

SNORE is the cryptocurrency for those who value a good night’s sleep (or at least a very noisy one)! Its proposal is to encourage, in a playful way, people to sleep more, transforming every snore into potential digital profit.

Who knows, maybe it would provide extra motivation to get those hours of sleep that we so desperately need, transforming the phrase “I’m just going to take a nap” into “I’m going to mine some SnoreCoins”?

SnoreCoin is an April Fools investment, so it is clear that none of this text is true. Happy April Fools’ Day and good profits to everyone!

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