TRON, along with its founder Justin Sun and Rainberry, is currently engaged in a significant legal dispute with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The heart of the matter lies in the allegation that the initial coin offering (ICO) carried out by TRON was global, raising questions about the extent of the SEC’s regulatory authority over transactions carried out outside North American borders.

The defense maintains the view that the charges imposed by the SEC have no substantial basis, arguing that the digital assets were primarily made available outside the United States, and therefore questions the applicability of the SEC’s global supervision.

The dispute in question not only challenges the SEC’s specific allegations, but also highlights a broader concern related to the vague regulations surrounding the digital asset space. TRON alleges a lack of clear guidelines that define when a token is considered a security and how foreign entities should position themselves within the regulatory framework, pointing to potential risks to the stability of the global digital asset market.

This legal dispute began in March 2023, when the SEC accused TRON and Justin Sun of carrying out illegal sales of unregistered securities through their ICO of TRX tokens in 2017. Additionally, the SEC also focused on the sale of BTT tokens and attributed Sun promoted TRX tokens with the help of celebrities including Lindsay Lohan, Jake Paul, and Austin Mahone.

This case is part of the context of a broad regulatory crackdown on cryptocurrencies by the SEC, which has already recorded 46 enforcement actions in 2023, marking the year with the highest number of actions so far. The legal action against TRON highlights the tension that exists between the innovation provided by digital assets and the traditional regulatory approach adopted by the SEC, emphasizing the need for more precise and clear regulations in the cryptocurrency industry.


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