September 12, 2022

Bingo is a very popular and entertaining game. There is nothing more fun than paying attention to the numbers that come out of the hype, while we see the ones we have on our card. That moment of suspense is priceless. But where is the origin of this game? Well, for now, its origin remains a mystery.

It is said that it began in Italy and that from there it went on to other countries until it reached Spain. Needless to say, wherever she passed she was devastating. And it is that… who has not had a toy version of bingo! Virtually every child in the world. However, do you know who gave it that name? Well, it was Edwin Lowe, a toy salesman.

He was very lucky, because his company was about to go bankrupt until bingo appeared in his life. One fine day he traveled to Atlanta and discovered a game called lotto, it was very similar to current bingo. Only here instead of putting chips on the cards they put beans and the numbers came out of a box, not a drum. When a player got a line he would yell beano.

When Lowe returned home he patented it and called it bingo. Legend has it that he started playing with some of his friends to see if that game could have any real chances of selling. Everyone was enthusiastic about him. And one of them, instead of saying beanohe yelled bingo. Lowe liked the way she sounded and named it for her.

Another curiosity about this game is that it is usually associated with very old women. It is true that over 80% of bingo players in Europe are women, but of all ages. And unlike other games of chance, bingo also promotes short- and long-term memory and attention. Players must keep an eye on the numbers until the end.

Today, bingo is even used to teach children mathematics. And it is common to see a hype with balls in academies and language schools to learn numbers in another language. Bingo is a game that crosses the border of entertainment and helps us forget about everything. You can play bingo in casinos like Yo Bingo o Sports.


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