experts have warned that the demand for terapia ‘on line’ for problems of pathological gambling It has doubled in the last two weeks, coinciding with the confinement imposed by the state of alarm as a result of the coronavirus health crisis.

“In this scenario, it is not surprising, because apart from the willpower and the support of loved ones, it represents an effective solution to the problem in this period of isolation,” they explain in a statement.

These experts have also carried out a study in which they show that searches related to problem gambling in Spain have increased by 4.5 percent in the last year. Those who are most involved are the men belonging to the age group between 25 and 44 years. Instead, it is mainly women who are looking for a solution to solve their partner’s addiction problems, which affect the entire emotional sphere and, now more than ever, domestic life.

At the regional level, Catalonia leads with 22.5 percent of the total searches, followed by Madrid with 21.5 percent and Andalusia with 13 percent, immediately after the Valencian Community (12%) and the Basque Country (8%). .

advertising ban

This Wednesday morning, the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzonhas justified the ban on online gambling advertising as a measure to “preserve public health” and given the boom in the consumption of games of chance such as poker or casino.

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“We have detected that there was a problem linked to the growing consumption of games of chance and ‘online’ betting and, to preserve public health”, he declared, later adding that for this reason the Government has approved the ban on advertising on any medium, with the exception of the 1:00 to 5:00 slot on television. In the rest of the media, as he explained, the ban covers the entire day.

In this sense, Garzón has indicated that the confinement, “as a necessary measure” to tackle the coronavirus crisis, leads to a growing consumption of television and “to a growing importance of the effects of advertising.”


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