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The Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, has claimed this Friday the table games as a tool for education and stimulation against another type of leisure “much more dangerous”, like that of betting houses and games of chance.

Alberto Garzón has attended the conference The board game as a tool in speech therapy and psychologyorganized by the Faculty of Psychology of the Complutense University of Madrid.

There he has defended that “playing is not just having fun” but also a tool that helps “to think, to wait, to socialize, to plan”. Thus, it has valued traditional board games as a fundamental instrument for teach, educate and stimulate everyone, but especially the youngest.

For this reason, the Minister of Consumption has highlighted the importance of board games because they help “acquire fundamental values ​​and, ultimately, make us grow as a society” through “empathy” towards other forms of leisure “that involve risks and cause harm” in youth.

“Risks and Damages”

“The purpose of a game is fun and that is an irreplaceable and effective value by itself. But playing is learning to think, to wait, to socialize, to plan. Playing is learning to grow, to face problems, to take on challenges. Playing is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, know new own limits and those of others, build empathy”, he has opined.

In his opinion, the recognized and awarded Games theory It demonstrates that playful elements have applications far beyond applied mathematics, such as politics, sociology, philosophy, or psychology.

In this context, Garzón has defended the work of the Ministry of Consumption to promote them as “an activity of responsible consumption and healthy and educational leisure, compared to other forms of leisure such as betting houses, which entail risks and generate harm to the most vulnerable and young people”.

betting regulation

It was last August 31 when the new norm that regulates advertising from the sector of theon and gambling online in Spain of the minister of Garzón.

The rule prohibit advertising audiovisual of betting houses and games of chance after hours from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. As for the content of the message, in those announcements that are broadcast during the allowed hours, people will not be able to appear or characters, real or fictional, of relevance or public notoriety.

In other measures, sports clubs will not be able to sign sponsorship contracts with bookmakers that involves carrying gambling advertising on shirts and kits. In addition, betting advertising in sports stadiums, when they host events broadcast live, must follow the same schedules as the rest of the media.

The clubs may not carry out sponsorship activities that consist of the use of an operator’s brand to identify a sports facility.

Regarding Internet advertising, this is relegated to the portals of gaming companies.


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