The crisis caused by the coronavirus begins to wreak havoc in many sectors of the economy. The world of sport is one of the most affected. The paralysis of the competition it has serious side effects. One of the most affected businesses are the betsthat controversial area that You don’t need to pass any test to know that you have been fully infected with the pandemic. The stop of the competition supposes a ruin for companies, which have run out of maneuvering room to attract their customers. The offer It is depressing.

While the pool is suspended Until further notice (the last valid scrutiny had to be decided with a somewhat surreal draw), the bookmakers remain alive in their online aspect. Physical establishments, such as the more than 3,000 Sportium points of sale in Spain, they are closed.

Belarus, Australia, Nicaragua…

The only thing left is to play the money online, but there is not much variety. “Every weekend I spent a few 300 euros betting on the Spanish League, the Premier and the NBA. Now there is nothing left. What I do? I’m not going to leave the dough in greyhounds and horses? & rdquor ;, asks a veteran bettor, with accounts in all the companies that have existed and have been.

Indeed, those races are still active in the British Isles. There is also some decent football left, like the leagues Belarusian and australian, as well as tournaments in Nicaragua, Honduras or Burundi. The previous weekend there was still competition in Hungary, Russia and Turkey, but they also lowered the blind.

final blow

The situation is dramatic for the sector. Without the big European leagues, basketball, tennis and motor sports, the losses are terrible. The annulment of seven Formula 1 Grands Prix It was the definitive blow, since it monopolizes 90% of the motor expense. The World Cup will not start until June 7 in Azerbaijan.

The Spanish spent 750 million in private bets in 2018: 355 locally and 395 online

The classic on March 1 at the Bernabeufor example, was the event that moved the most money this year in Spain, where 750 million euros in private bets in 2018, the last year with the balance closed. Of that figure, 355 came from stores, while online billing reached 395. With an average cost of 62.5 million per month, a 60-day break would already mean losses of 125 million. “Is a major ruin”, reconoce Alejandro LandaluceCEO of the Gaming Business Council.

It’s time to reinvent yourself

“The face-to-face activity is nula. All stores have closed. On the web the bassoon it is considerable. There are hardly any sporting events. It is true that the bets continue, but they are minimal & rdquor ;, the employer acknowledges to EL PERIÓDICO. Sports betting also brings together 6,000 workers, who fear for their positions. The companies consulted by this newspaper have not wanted to specify their losses. They consider that it is prematuresince it depends on the duration of the quarantine and how the federations react.

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For now, touch reinvent yourself and look for solutions. In despair, the William Hilla company that has been operating since 1934, came to raise odds for the Spanish Challenge Leaguethe championship virtual beneficial promoted by the influencer River Llanoswhich caused a lot of criticism in the networks.

politics turn

Betfair, meanwhile, focuses on the political sphere. One of the favorite bets of the largest exchange bookmaker in the world is the US elections. Right now, the Democrat Joe Bidenstill pending the primaries of his party, overtakes for the first time Donald Trump as a favorite in a market that already reaches €42 million. There’s a long way to go until November, but in the absence of sports, the race for the american presidency seems the most exciting.


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