September 17, 2023

YoCasino, one of the online casino platforms with a regulated presence in Spain, continues to respond to the requests of its users. He does it adding new content which increases, above all, those categories that enjoy a higher level of popularity. For example, the introduction of a new range of live roulette wheels has recently been much appreciated.

What is live roulette?

These are those roulettes that are played from the computer or mobile phone, but in a much more realistic way than traditional online casino games. The objective of the casinos that offer this service is for users to feel closer to the game and that they have a sensation more similar to what they would receive if they visited a real casino. Because of this, they are roulettes that are also often called “real.”

But if there is something that characterizes these roulettes above all, it is that they have the presence of croupiers just as happens in traditional casinos. In this way, the user is well accompanied and enjoys an assistant who supports them while they are participating in the game. The variety of croupiers that YoCasino has makes it possible to choose between different types of live roulette not only for the style of play, but also for the person accompanying the player.

YoCasino live roulette

The variety of YoCasino It is growing because these live roulette games are having a high level of demand from their users. Mainly, you can access three types of real roulette: Quantum, Lightning or Express. Each of them has its own game system and particularities that help to obtain a personalized experience.

In the case of Quantum roulettes, they are those that work by introducing multipliers that make the games full of intensity. For its part, live Relámpago roulettes include multipliers for only five numbers, while Express roulettes are characterized because the rounds are faster than usual.

These types of roulette alternate between the different croupiers present at YoCasino. For example, it is possible to participate in live Fastball roulette with the croupier Roma, play live French Roulette with Alba or access live Lightning roulette with Iosu. For see which dealers are playing At any given time, all you have to do is enter the casino, go through the live roulette section and check the names of the professionals who are managing the tables. This way you can have a more personalized experience and, as the platform seeks, one that offers a type of game more similar to that of real casinos, but without leaving home.


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