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This Sunday has finished the third day of The league, the first since the start of the championship that is played in full. The ten games. And this because the teams that played in the final phase of the Champions a from Europa Leagueas well as the promotion playoff to First division They have already been released in 2020/2021.

This Tuesday a new day arrives and it does so with the first week-to-week so far in the domestic championship. Real society y Valencia They open what is the fourth day of La Liga 2020/2021. A party for which blue and white they leave with the sign of favorites hanging around their necks.

Valencia comes from drawing in the last day against Huescawhile Real Sociedad achieved its first victory at the cost of a Elche that finally made its debut in the gold category of Spanish football after achieving promotion.

Bet with Betsson

Betting on the victory of the local team is paid at 1.65 euros in Betsson for the 5.10 of those of Javi Grace. The victory of Real Sociedad by the minimum is paid at 6.30 euros, for 7.30 for 2-0 and 12 for 3-0. With 3-1 you can multiply your bet by 8.30, while 2-1 has a quota of 14.

If you think that Valencia will win the match, the figures are also very juicy. The odds in his favor are the following: 0-1 (12), 0-2 (26), 0-3 (86), 1-2 (17) or 1-3 (51) That regulation time ends with the Initial tie is paid at 9.80 euros, while the 1-1 has a fee of 7.30. If you think the black and white will win the game you can take 340 euros if you put 20 into play with the odds of 17.

number of goals

You can also put your money at stake by guessing the exact number of goals that will be in the game of the third day. If there are not so many in the match between Real Sociedad and Valencia, the fee is 9.80 euros for each one you put into play. If there is a goal, the fee is 4.20, for 3.37 euros if two goals are scored during the 90 minutes of the match between the blue and white and the checks The rest of the odds are: 3.88 for three exact goals; 5.80 for four targets; 11 euros for the player and 16 euros for six goals or more.


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