He Barcelona debut this season in Liga and it does so by measuring Villarreal. The match will be played at the Camp Nou and will have a great expectation to see the team of Koeman in official match. A meeting that offers many possibilities, being able to bet on all of them in the bookmaker Betsson. With the best odds it is a great opportunity to win money.

Bet with Betsson

Betting on the victory of the local team is paid at 1.54 euros in Betsson for 5.70 for Villarreal and 4.40 for the draw. The victory of Barcelona by the minimum is paid at 9.40 euros, for the 10 of 2-0 and the 12 of 3-0. With 3-1 you can multiply your bet by 7.70, while 2-1 has an odds of 11.

If you think that Villarreal will win the match, the figures are also very juicy. The odds in your favor are as follows: 0-1 (23), 0-2 (34), 0-3 (15), 1-2 (76) or 1-3 (41). That the regulation time ends with the initial tie is paid at 23 euros, while the 1-1 has a fee of 8.40.

Leo Messi and Ronald Koeman, during the friendly against Girona

first to score

You can also win money at Betsson by guessing who will be in charge of opening the can this match. Messi has the lowest quota with 3.50 euros, while Griezmann and Ansu Fati follow him with 5.50 and 6.50 respectively. That it is Gerard Moreno who manages to score the first is paid at 9 euros.

goalscorer at any time

If you think it will be a game of goals that Take Kubo sees the door throughout the 90 minutes, it pays 7 per euro wagered, while if it is Dembélé who does it, you can win up to 2.50 for every euro you bet. Jordi Alba, who usually joins the attack in actions on the wing or on the edge of the area, has a fee of 10 euros. Messi is paid at 1.53, Griezmann at 2.10, Gerard Moreno at 3.10 and Paco Alcácer at 3.25.

goal minute

If you want to go further and bet on the minutes in which the goals will occur, you can also do it at Betsson. If you believe that during the first 15 minutes there will be a goal, you can earn 2.44 euros for each one wagered. If you trust that Barcelona will be winning before half an hour of play, you can go up to 2.60 euros. And if you think that more than two goals have been scored at game time, you have a quota of 1.50.

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