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The wave of memecoins that invaded Solana in 2024 made the network grow in a way never seen before. As a result, Solana saw its volume and market share rise rapidly, surpassing Ethereum on several occasions.

According to CoinGecko, almost half of the top 20 memecoins are on Solana, including some of the most notable at the beginning of the year. Names like PEPE, WIF and MEW created great euphoria in their communities that spread like wildfire, leading to significant valuations.

Furthermore, Solana also leads the list of recently launched memecoins, concentrating most of the year’s successful launches. So, now see which memecoins are already growing on Solana and which are the most promising.


World kickboxing champion Andrew “Cobra” Tate gained fame with his motivational speeches on the internet using a coach-like tone. And all this fame resulted in the creation of a memecoin inspired by him whose name pays homage to his nickname: COBRA.

It was not created by Tate, but emerged after the fighter began asking for donations in cryptocurrencies, including Solana. After its launch, memecoin was among Solana’s main cryptocurrencies right at its launch, when it rose by 1,600% in just 24 hours.

The cryptocurrency even copied Tate’s social media profile, which caused its value to explode in a few days. With over 9 million followers on his X account, Tate’s tweet showed how important the power of community is to a memecoin.


During the 2021 bull cycle, several memecoins that “honored” billionaire Elon Musk emerged to make several people make money. This wave arrived on Solana and ELON had its first memecoin that pays homage to the owner of Tesla and X.

Like most of its peers, ELON uses Musk’s image to generate attention and grow on the Internet. And the 235% increase in its price just this Monday (10) shows that this association still generates a lot of profits.

In just 24 hours after its launch, ELON broke the US$1 million mark in market value and became the most traded memecoin of the day.

Base Dawgz

Just like COBRA, Base Dawgz and its token (DAWGZ) are linked to sport – in this case, base jumping, or free fall. This memecoin conveys a modern image that likes to take extreme risks; in other words, Base Dawgz has the same spirit as its investors.

It was created on the Base network, but can operate on several different blockchains, including Solana, where it promises to offer strong resistance to other memecoins. Its biggest difference is that it is in the pre-sale phase, which makes DAWGZ a memecoin with enormous potential for gains in the long term.

Investors began to see this potential and led memecoin to reach US$763,000 raised in its pre-sale. This number continues to grow, but you can still guarantee your DAWGZ and take advantage of the strong increase it may have after launch.


If there is a memecoin that is an example of a comeback, it is SLERF. Launched on Solana in March, memecoin raised $10 million in a pre-sale that was a huge success. However, the developer behind the project ended up losing all funds received after accidentally sending the tokens to a burn address.

As a result, all tokens and funds were destroyed and this seemed to be the end of the project. But SLERF managed to recover from the blow, compensate all investors and, as a bonus, memecoin still rose by almost 1,800% in the last two months.

From a potential failure, Slerf became an example of success and recovery and even created a new category in fauna: sloth memecoins. After its recovery, Slerf’s success was reflected in names like Slothana (SLOTH), whose pre-sales surpassed Slerf’s record.


Speaking of animal memecoins, seals have also started to gain their space on Solana, and the largest representative of them is currently Sealana (SEAL). From the opening of its pre-sales until the closing of this article, memecoin raised more than US$4 million, with a pace that everything indicates will make it surpass other successful pre-sales.

Far from being just a good-natured memecoin, Sealana has an innovative proposal focusing on scalability and security solutions. In this sense, memecoin offers a robust alternative for fast and secure transactions, and it itself benefits from these properties by offering more stability to its investors.

With a round-based presale style, investors who get in early are already seeing a significant return on their initial investment. Currently, the price of each SEAL is US$0.022 and pre-sale is in its final stages. So, don’t miss out and get your tokens before the end.

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