On Monday, the meme coin Solana Michi registered a significant appreciation of 18%, a phenomenon attributed to an action by Ariana Grande, a popular pop artist. The increase occurred shortly after the singer posted the meme that inspired the creation of the coin on her Instagram story.

Grande’s post displayed Michi’s meme alongside a pink “love potion,” a clear reference to the singer’s recently released music video for her single “The Boy Is Mine.” The meme was edited by a fan account of the artist, enriching the tribute with posters adorned with kisses. “I think the boy is hers, [não sei]”, marked the original post, accompanied by the captivating figure of Michi.

After Grande’s report, Ansem, a renowned influencer in the world of cryptocurrencies, used his power to amplify interest in various currencies to highlight Grande’s action on his Twitter. This caused a significant increase in the price of the Michi cryptocurrency, which rose to US$0.2650 in just one hour, representing an increase of 18%. However, shortly after, the cryptocurrency adjusted and was traded at around US$0.23, still maintaining an increase of 3%.

This episode illustrates the growing influence of celebrities in the cryptocurrency market. Figures like Iggy Azalea also delved into this universe, launching their own meme coins, while Andrew Tate fueled a rush for cryptocurrencies at the end of the previous week.

Despite the uproar on social media, speculation that Grande’s Instagram might have been hacked was quickly dismissed as the singer continued with her normal activities on the platform, including celebrating her mother’s birthday.


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