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Hayden Adams, founder of decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap, issued an alert and asked the community to be aware of a phishing scam involving Uniswap. However, the scheme is not about an attack on the platform, but rather about false news involving an attack

This Friday (10), Hayden used his profile on X, and shared screenshots, in which there were reports of an attack that stole US$2 million (R$10 million) through the Uniswap platform. But Hayden said these exploitative reports are false and urged everyone to be careful.

Apparently, the hackers’ goal was to spread panic among Uniswap users, causing them to take rash actions. In this sense, people could make mistakes that would make it easier for criminals to carry out a real scam on their victims.

‘We didn’t suffer a blow’, says CEO

Speaking about the fake news about this attack, Adams brought prints that show supposed alerts from names like detective ZachZBT and the security company CertiK. Both are names respected by the community and bring first-hand news about scams in the cryptocurrency market.

But Adams highlighted that these ZachXBT and Certik accounts are not real, and in fact they are not. Hackers cloned both their accounts and used them to spread fake news about the attack. With this, they planned to give more credibility to the supposed news of the action.

The scam reached such a level that the hackers even organized a Zoom recording with fake high-ranking Uniswap executives. In this live, they shared a link asking all users to revoke their DEX approvals through the link in question.

But the link was fake and likely redirected users to some fake website where hackers would steal the clickers’ cryptocurrencies. This type of attack is quite common and tends to be successful, leading to several losses on the part of those who fall for the scam.

However, putting a stop to this Uniswap scam trend, Adams clarified that Uniswap and its Foundation were not involved in the video or associated with the individuals involved. Furthermore, the executive asked that no one click on the link.

Community reacts to Uniswap warning

After Hayden shared his alert on X, Uniswap followers and community members reacted positively. The vast majority expressed gratitude for Adams’ message of awareness and for keeping the community safe.

Many users took it to the side of humor by sharing funny responses tagging the real ZachXBT and Certik, as both had their accounts cloned. However, a comments section indicated the need for users to be alert against this type of scam.

Meanwhile, reacting to Hayden’s post, the real ZachXBT shared a message saying that account cloning is a very common occurrence and there is nothing that can be done to control it. The detective confirmed that the hackers’ account is not the original Uniswap account.

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