The world of cryptocurrencies may be on the verge of a significant transformation. Michael Saylor, a well-known figure in the sector, predicts a notable jump in the value of Bitcoin by the end of 2024. According to Saylor, this increase could be up to ten times the current value. This projection took place during the Australian Cryptocurrency Convention, where Saylor shared his perspectives on the future of digital currency.

After all, how much will bitcoin be worth in 2024? With Bitcoin’s current price of $37,134.74 at the time of publication, if the cryptocurrency actually increases ten times its current value, Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin price prediction suggests a rise of approximately $371,347.40 by 2024.​​

The Bitcoin halving, scheduled for April 2024, is a crucial point in this transformation. This event, known as “halving”, will halve the amount of new Bitcoins generated, potentially creating an imbalance between supply and demand and driving a price increase.

The year 2024 is pointed out by Saylor as the starting point of this journey, where Bitcoin will solidify its status as a mature and mainstream asset. This four-year period, extending until 2028, could see fierce competition between big tech companies and megabanks, all seeking a significant piece of the Bitcoin market.

Saylor’s confidence in Bitcoin is not merely theoretical. His company, MicroStrategy, holds an impressive amount of Bitcoins – around 158,400 BTC. Additionally, the company recently expanded its investment in Bitcoin, adding $900 million to its portfolio. These numbers not only reflect Saylor’s confidence in cryptocurrency, but also reinforce the idea that large corporations are increasingly inclined to invest heavily in Bitcoin.

Saylor’s Bitcoin price prediction resonates with an optimistic outlook for Bitcoin’s future. In the coming years, cryptocurrency is expected to reach levels that were previously considered unattainable. This outlook breathes new life into the cryptocurrency market, suggesting exponential growth and broader adoption across multiple sectors.


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