For close observers of the cryptocurrency market, the recent moves by the Uniswap Foundation did not go unnoticed. Over the past six days, the Foundation announced the colossal transfer of UNI, its native currency, to some of the largest crypto exchange platforms in the world.

According to records, the Uniswap Foundation transferred a staggering total of $9.8 million in UNI. To get an idea of ​​the magnitude of this movement, the value is equivalent to around US$40.66 million. But what would be the reason behind this large flow of assets?

Let’s analyze the details of this movement. Cryptocurrency exchange OKX was one of the main beneficiaries, receiving a substantial portion of the transferred UNI. We are talking about 3.4 million tokens, which, at market value, add up to approximately US$14.1 million. The Kraken platform, another big name in the crypto universe, was not left behind. She received 3 million UNI tokens, valued at around $12.45 million. And FalconX, another giant in this field, was also awarded 3.4 million UNI tokens, which translated into cash amounts to, again, around US$14.1 million.

These movements go beyond simple transfers. They are a reflection of the Uniswap Foundation’s strategic plans to reallocate and optimize its assets. Furthermore, by directing such significant volumes to these recognized exchanges, the Foundation demonstrates not only its trust in them, but also its commitment to strengthening the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

This decision by the Uniswap Foundation certainly attracts attention. It highlights the commitment to diversifying assets on renowned platforms and further solidifying UNI’s presence on the global cryptocurrency scene.


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