The crypto scene is always buzzing, and it is there in the field of cryptocurrencies that Chiliz (CHZ) has been attracting attention. Over weeks of positive performance, the project presented something that promises to revolutionize the way fans engage with their favorite teams: the SportFi ecosystem.

Going one step further, SportFi was designed to be a territory where developers can create dApps – decentralized applications – that put fans at the center of the show. We are talking about an environment where innovation is the watchword, giving rise to truly unique experiences. And the best? Without the fear of possible intellectual property violations or fraud, after all, Chiliz promises maximum protection in its new ecosystem.

The SportFi announcement was an open letter to the community, and its reception shows how hungry the market was for something like this. But wait, there’s more! The fintech platform behind this movement is the same one that powers, the well-known network where sports fans connect and interact with their teams and clubs in creative ways.

And if you think Chiliz stopped there, you’re wrong. A new feature will be incorporated into Chiliz Chain: a blacklist. This tool aims to ensure that all participants are protected from threats and fraud. A masterstroke for those who understand the importance of security in the crypto world.

What has caused a stir in the world of sports is that several teams are already ready to issue their own tokens through Chiliz Chain via Tottenham Hotspur, a big name in the English Premier League, was one of the pioneers, launching an exclusive token for its fans in October.


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