Kieran Trippier is in trouble for breaking the rules on betting on England. In the summer of 2019 the Tottenham Hotspur for him Atletico Madrid and, before it became official, he encouraged a friend through WhatsApp so that he bet that he would sign for the rojiblanco team. It is what reveals The Telegraphwhich provides new details of the case, such as the conversation between the defense and his friend.

The English newspaper has revealed the chats in its possession FA (english federation) and that correspond to Trippier and his friend. “Should I bet that you end up going there (to Atlético?”, he asks the English winger. “You can do it, man,” Trippier himself replies. His friend insisted: “100% Tripps?”. And Trippier replied the following: “Yes, man. Don’t blame me if something goes wrong, but it shouldn’t. Put it in if you want, man.”

The FA sanctioned Trippier, but the FIFA He was granted precautionary while the investigation continues. According to the Federation, which is in possession of a 46-page dossier with the details of the case, Trippier knew about the betting and did nothing to stop it.

Jordi Alba before Trippier, at Atlético de Madrid – Barcelona in La Liga


“There was a pretty strong suspicion that MB (Trippier’s friend) would bet in favor of the transfer. We cannot accept that those messages were understood by KT (Kieran Trippier) as ‘a joke’. There is nothing in any of the messages that was may be considered a joke. The reason for the message is quite clear. MB asked for a confirmation on whether he should bet heavily on KT’s transfer and KT gave him that confirmation. In these circumstances we have no choice but to conclude that KT knew that MB would bet on the transfer”, defends the FA.

The Telegraph He also shows another Trippier chat with a different friend who told him that he had made a 20-pound bet that he would sign for Atlético with odds of 6 to 1. In addition, he would bet another 42 pounds and another 50 when the odds were 7 to 2. In addition, as the English newspaper adds, Trippier would confirm days before closing his signing that everything was ready and his friend made several bets, including one of 300 pounds.

the precautionary

On December 23, the FA suspended Trippier for ten weeks, in addition to imposing a fine of 70,000 pounds, for “misconduct in relation to the Betting Rules” of the English body; that is, until March 3, he without playing or training with the rojiblanco team. He did not miss any duel with his team, because there are no FIFA dates until next March, but there are 14 with Atlético. The rojiblanco club appealed to FIFA and requested the precautionary measures that were granted.

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