February 23, 2023

Craps is a very fun and popular game in casinos. It is a fast dice game with very simple rules. Here we will tell you how to play and we will give you some tips to have a chance to win.

Dice have been used since time immemorial to play. Its origin is unknown, but the ancient Romans and other peoples played with them regularly. Craps is a game with odds and odds based on the player’s outcome.

It has different types of bets, although two are the simplest and most popular. The Pass Line is the most common and is won by rolling a 7 or an 11 at the start. And the Do Not Pass Line is just the opposite of the previous one.

How to play this dice game?

It only takes two dice and may luck be on your side! The dice are the traditional ones, that is, the ones that we all know and that have 6 faces. Players bet on the results of the spins. Generally, in online casinos, it is the dealer who is in charge of rolling the dice.

How many people can play in the same game? Twelve. Everyone has their turn, here there are no simultaneous rolls. On the other hand, this is a game of chance. So the results will depend on the individual luck of each player. To bet you must be registered in the online casino, make a deposit and choose a table.

Keys to win in the game

As in all other gambling games, you must play with cold blood. Never get carried away by the famous hunches. Likewise, we advise you to divide your bets instead of gambling everything on one. And always sticking to the particular budget of each one.

Have you ever had a good streak? So watch out! Give up before it’s too late and you lose everything. The streaks do not last forever and have an end, but they are great to get good money and quit on time. If you are new to the game of craps it would also be wise to start with single bets.

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