November 9, 2023

Play Jango continues to spread its name in the online casino market through all kinds of news, mainly those related to the growth of its catalog. There are more and more games available, which helps the popularity of this platform from the Skill On Net company to continue to increase. But it is also important to highlight the casino’s desire to offer a service that stands out for its high level of transparency and security.

More information about each game available

One of the advantages it has Play Jango It lies in the many data that is transmitted from each of the slot machines that are available in its catalog. Thus, when entering the slot games section it is possible, for example, to obtain detailed information by clicking on the information button (marked with a letter “i” inside a circle) that appears inside each thumbnail.

Once you click on the information button, it loads an image on the screen where you can see a screenshot of the slot game and technical information about it. the game values. This is how you see the minimum bet, the maximum bet, the prize lines that each slot machine has, the reels, if there is a jackpot, if special functions are included or the name of the company that produced it.

Users, at the same time, have the opportunity to give their evaluation through a feedback system. star rating where the maximum score is five stars. This system allows you to get a quick picture of whether the community is satisfied with what the game provides or if, on the contrary, it is a machine that may not live up to expectations.

Furthermore, and this is a fact that provides more transparency to the use of the casino and that stands out in a special way, at the bottom of this information screen that appears, other information is included. This is how many times that slot machine has been played in the last 6 hours. That way you will be able to see, in a more immediate way, which slot games are enjoying greater popularity or if, on the contrary, there are some that are not having much impact. Additionally, just to the left of that data you can see the largest prize that has been awarded in the machine.

What slot machines are available?

Although the Play Jango catalog still does not have as much volume as that of other casinos, it continues to grow and it is noticeable that the objective of those responsible is that, little by little, it comes to stand out more. For now they have the classics, the most important games in the sector, titles that are popular for starring famous people and also the occasional exclusive proposal.

The latter is the case of, for example, Cash Chips, a slot machine produced by the famous company Pragmatic Play with which Play Jango is offering its users exclusive content.


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