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An unknown trader, who goes by the pseudonym Karo von Trier, turned around US$100 into a fortune of more than US$8.3 million. According to the Lookonchain platform, Bring achieved this by operating with Keyboard Cat (KEYCAT), a memecoin created on Coinbase’s Base network.

According to the trader himself, the “mission” began on Tuesday (2), when he started a search for unknown cryptocurrencies on Base. There was only one criterion: the chosen one must have less than US$5,000 in market value. In other words, some cryptocurrency that was easy to operate and caused large appreciation.

With this in mind, von Trier chose KEYCAT, another one of the cat-themed memecoins that gained traction in 2024. And by betting on it and other memecoins, the trader managed to make a huge fortune. See how it happened.

From US$100 to US$8 million

In this operation, von Trier had just 0.1 Ether (ETH), which he invested in the purchase of 1.3 billion KEYCAT tokens. With this operation, he quickly became the owner of 13.16% of the entire memecoin supply.

Then, the trader waited and sold 344.7 million KEYCAT, but in exchange for 497 Ethereum. In other words, a profit of more than US$1.75 million on the first sale alone.

In the next step, von Trier chose two other unknown memecoins, NORMIE and NORMILIO. At first, the trader lost US$10,520 on the operation, but he waited and managed to make a profit.

Von Trier still owns 971.2 million KEYCAT tokens (9.71% of the total supply), worth over $6.64 million. As a result, the trader made a profit of $8.3 million in just six days.

Memecoin frenzy

Another trader also made profits with memecoins, around US$123 thousand, when BOME rose more than 3,000% in just 24 hours. The investor bet just 50 Solana (SOL), or about $9,000 and turned that into 767 Solana, just over $130,000

Furthermore, Elon Musk once helped a trader make a profit in just ten minutes when he changed his Twitter bio (currently X) to Chief Troll Officer (CTO). Upon realizing this, the trader instantly bought 9.37 trillion units of the TROLL memecoin, which cost him 4.3 ETH, and sold them for 5.318 ETH.

Recently, an anonymous trader also managed to earn $3.1 million in 12 minutes by trading SLERF token. Many similar incidents have happened over the years where cryptocurrency has generated huge profits in such short intervals.


Such incidents become examples for people to take risks in newly launched cryptocurrencies and memecoins. But there is the other side of the coin, where most traders suffer severe and often irreversible losses.

One such incident occurred with the memecoin Milady Wif Hat (LADYF), where a trader lost $46,000 three minutes after purchasing a large sum of the memecoin. Therefore, investors must be aware of the necessary metrics and analysis before investing.

Investing in memecoins is risky and should be done with caution. Know how to manage your portfolio, as not all cryptocurrencies are worth investing in and just a single cryptocurrency is not enough to generate stable profits.

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