Shiba Inu (SHIB) recently released a significant update, which resonated with the market and captivated the crypto community. Despite a slight sell-off, SHIB’s value rose 243.83% in just one week, suggesting a huge long-term valuation increase. This development illustrates the potential for explosive growth in the crypto space and sets the stage for Bitbot, a rising cryptocurrency poised to capture market attention.

O Bitbotemerging as the first non-custodial Telegram trading botis quickly carving out its niche, with $1.8m already collected in just 11 weeks. Time is of the essence for investors looking to capitalize on 41.84% of earnings remaining before the fastest-growing crypto pre-sale closes.

In this article, we will discuss:

The booming market for Telegram trading bots

Telegram’s crypto trading bot market is experiencing phenomenal expansion, with its value rising to a staggering market cap of over $1 billion. This sector generated an impressive commercial volume of more than US$8.5 billiondriven by the active participation of more than 750,000 users engaged in approximately half a million daily trades.

Platforms like Banana Gun and Unibot lead this busy market. Both platforms have a high trading volume. Banana Gun has exceeded a daily trading volume of $16 million per day and a vast user base. However, its journey as a fast-growing cryptocurrency has been challenging.

Despite achieving rapid growth and accumulating substantial market capitalizations – Banana Gun at around $85 million and Unibot at $22 million – the progress of these projects has been hampered by notable security flaws. In October 2023, Unibot lost over $560,000 in user funds due to a security breach. Similarly, Banana Gun’s value plummeted, losing over 90% following allegations of rug pull, later attributed to a bug in the contract.

The need for a growing, secure, reliable and user-centric crypto trading bot has never been more evident.

What is Bitbot?

Bitbot stands out as a trading robot trading revolutionary, by establishing a strategic partnership with one of the leading companies in cybersecurity, KnightSafe, bringing unparalleled asset protection to the forefront of your operations. Emphasizing a non-custodial trading philosophy translated into the phrase “if it’s not your keys, it’s not your crypto,” Bitbot ensures that users maintain full control over their funds until trades are executed, as explained in this Medium article.

This initiative is bolstered by cutting-edge security measures, including advanced anti-MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) tactics to prevent trading predatory and comprehensive strategies anti-rug pull to mitigate the risks of project failure. These proactive measures address security flaws seen in competitors like Banana Gun and Unibot, marking a fundamental leap forward in trading bot security.

Further demonstrating its commitment to lasting success and community alignment, Bitbot imposes a 12-month vesting schedule for the development team’s tokens, underlining a deeply rooted investment in the platform’s continued growth and stability.

More than just security

O Bitbot transcends its cutting-edge security by deploying AI to discover undervalued gems and highlight key pre-sale opportunities, offering key insights for strategic investment decisions. Its suite enhances the user experience with automated trading to execute optimal buy and sell actions and a copy trading which allows users to emulate the movements of traders experienced, speeding up the learning curve for novices.

Further enriching its offering, Bitbot features a referral program that rewards a 15% lifetime commission on referral trading fees and a generous revenue sharing model, distributing 50% of daily trading fees to token holders. This dual incentive structure promotes community engagement and aligns Bitbot’s success with tangible benefits for its investors.

Fastest-Growing Crypto Asset Bitbot Is Poised to Dominate a Bull Crypto Market

As the cryptoactive scene vibrates with the expectation of events such as the Bitcoin halving, reaching a new ATH of more than US$73 thousand and the potential approval of Ethereum ETFs, we can say that the timing of Bitbot’s launch could not have been better. This signals a pivotal moment, similar to the excitement surrounding the big Shiba Inu tease.

With a rapidly growing community of over 100k followers no X and 20k no TelegramBitbot is attracting market attention.

Despite facing security challenges, big players like Banana Gun and Unibot continue to command high valuations. The Banana Gun has seen a +200% increase from its pre-sale price before the latest market crash. Unibot is trading at $23, more than 65% above its original launch price, rewarding early investors with substantial gains.

Furthermore, by leveraging AI tools in a market valued at more than US$40 billionBitbot is positioned to tap into the rapidly expanding AI sector.

With its superior technology and robust security features, Bitbot is poised to be the crypto world’s fastest-growing project in the trading bot space. The project can even achieve gains of x50 to x100, and emerge as Telegram’s leading trading bot.

As we witness the Shiba Inu market teaser stirring up significant buzz with a 243.83% surge, rising cryptocurrency Bitbot is preparing to participate in the rally and potentially overshadow it. With its phenomenal fundraising $1.8m in your pre-sale, in just 11 weeks, the FOMO (fear of missing out) around Bitbot is undeniable. Investors interested in taking advantage of the gains before the pre-sale concludes are racing against time, eager to participate in what could be the fastest growth of a crypto asset in the year 2024.

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