Haralabos Voulgaris It is a name that is going to become very popular in Spanish football from now on. It is already in Castellon, the city where he landed and where he started a new project. He is the clear example of another foreign investor who comes to the national football with the aim of bringing another historic club in our country to the elite.

This Greek-Canadian millionaire has just become the new owner of the castalia for which he has big projects in mind. The most important of all is to get the club back to the First division. For this, he knows that he will have to invest a lot of money, but he is willing to take that risk. He doesn’t want to pass up the chance to make history now that he’s come into club ownership.

The Castellón team changes hands after the former majority shareholder, Albinegro Capital, has reached an agreement for the sale of its shares. An operation that received last Tuesday the authorization of the Superior Sports Council and that is already being processed.

This way, vincent montesinos, former president of the club, leaves his position in the hands of Haralabos Voulgaris, who will become the new owner and CEO of the club. An operation that has been closed for around 2.5 million euros and that comes at a key moment in the club’s history. Just when CD Castellón is celebrating its centenary. For this reason, this transcendental movement will mark a before and after in the legend of the entity.

Commemorative poster of Castellón for its centenary

CD Castellon

The fortuna of Voulgaris

CD Castellón has made official the arrival of a very important change in its high spheres. A transcendental movement for its past, its present and, above all, for its future. Just as it celebrates its centenary, its previous majority shareholder, the company Albinegro Capitalhas reached an agreement for the sale of its shares to some kind of Greek-Canadian businessman who has some ties to the sport.

However, his roots are not in the world of football, but in basketball. Specifically in the NBA. “Club Deportivo Castellón would like to inform you that the majority shareholder of the company, Capital Albinegro, has reached an agreement for the sale of its shares. The sale has been formalized this afternoon at a notary in Valencia after the mandatory authorization of the operation by the Higher Sports Council”, this was announced by the former property of the entity between Tuesday and Wednesday after completing the operation successfully .

For some time now the name of Haralabos Voulgaris had begun to circulate in Castalia. A most unusual character. It will be the first time that the club is in the hands of foreign capital. A circumstance that seemed a matter of time, since before the arrival of Voulgaris, the outgoing property was in negotiations with the Argentines Gustavo Ranucci, Adrian Varela and the ex-footballer maxi lopez. However, the talks did not come to fruition and they launched into the purchase of the Birmingham City.

So, finally, who comes to Castellón is Haralabos Voulgaris, an expert in numbers, himself defined as a ‘crazy number’, who has a very recognizable past in the NBA, where he made a good part of his great fortune. His glory years came in the 1990s, when he made his most successful investments and bets. Playing his money in the games of the best league in the world was how, little by little, he made an immense fortune. This has now allowed him to buy Castellón and seriously consider the dream of moving it up to First Division.

He began betting on NBA games and ended up amassing a million-dollar fortune. So much so that his last bets even reached one million dollars for a single game in the best basketball league in the world. He was launched and that’s how he got a succulent booty.

Being passionate about numbers, he used mathematics to establish formulas and processes that allowed him to bet with the greatest possible security. He ended up having a team of experts and scholars working for his movements. It was the elite. And as such he ended up becoming a person who managed a lot of money, something that has now allowed him to buy his own club and that previously made him arouse the interest of several franchises in the NBA itself.

Haralabos Voulgaris, during his presentation press conference

Haralabos Voulgaris, during his presentation press conference

CD Castellon

War on the Mavericks

Once he began investing, and earning, large amounts in the NBA, he built a very important name and reputation within the league. Everyone who wanted to earn money quickly ended up ever saying the name of Haralabos Voulgaris. that was how Marc Cubanowner of the Dallas Mavericksended up approaching him.

If he was capable of knowing what was going to happen in the games and playing a good part of his money to later increase his earnings, perhaps it was interesting to have him work for a team. For this reason, the owner of the Texan franchise contacted him to offer him a position.

Right off the bat it became the new Director of Quantitative Research and Development, as well as one of Cuban’s trusted people. Being the right-hand man and friend of the team owner helps a lot in these cases where there is so much at stake. He stayed with the Dallas Mavericks for three years, until the situation became untenable.

His performance was remarkable and he tried to help the growth of the ‘Mavs’. However, he overreached in his functions. He opened a war against the star of the franchise, Luka Doncic. A fight that, due to the talent and youth of the Slovenian, he could not win. Perhaps his special ability was not able to see a setback coming that became unpredictable for him and went against his predictions.

The relationship with the former player Real Madrid he became more and more tense and finally, his friend Marc Cuban ended up making the difficult decision to dismiss him from his position. After leaving the ‘Mavs’, Haralabos had offers to continue with other top-level teams in the NBA. However, his dream had always been to have his own club. And, if possible, football.

For this reason, options such as Birmingham City arose, which did not bear fruit. The next step was to speak with the owners of CD Castellón and reach a solution to try to save the entity from bankruptcy and disappearance. That is, from burning. Voulgaris took advantage of his war against Doncic, which led to his departure from Dallas, to find his new horizon in Castalia. A club that arrives with great promises in full centenary.

Luka Doncic celebrates a basket against the New Orleans Pelicans

Luka Doncic celebrates a basket against the New Orleans Pelicans


A First Class Castellón

In his latest appearances, the Greek-Canadian investor and businessman has made it clear that he is happy to arrive in Castellón and to have taken control of a historic Spanish football club. In fact, he has already conveyed that his medium-term objective is to be able to promote the team to the First Division of Spanish football.

There is still a long way to go for that, but Voulgaris knows that fighting his objective will cost him time and, above all, money. At least at the beginning. He has already made clear what the main lines of his project are. And the next thing will be to close level contracts. At the moment, he has only signed the defender Manu Sánchez Already Ruben Torrecilla, the new coach. It will be he who takes charge of the crazy ideas, a fearsome Voulgaris.

The Greek-Canadian, upon his arrival, has not only made it clear that his origin is the NBA and that his fame lies largely in his confrontation with Doncic. He has also tried to make it clear how he will rebuild the management team. This will be managed through the company Pitch32. There you will have several people you trust the most.

The first one will be Richard Bentley, who will be in charge of the entire financial plot. Second, it will be Robin Taylor, who will join the Communication and Marketing team. And finally Dave Reddin, which will be more focused on the sports field. Reddin will work together with the sports management that already exists, led by Fernando Gomez Colomerwho has the full confidence of the new property and the members who are debuting.

The arrival of the Greek-Canadian investor aims to give the club a new look. Make it even more professionalized and sophisticated. An entity that will be governed through the highest technology. And that from there it will try to improve its results and its dynamics.

In his first appearances, Voulgaris has already made it quite clear what he wants his behavior to be and his goals for the future. He dreams of a Castellón in the First Division, although he knows that this will cost him a lot of work and also a lot of money. The one that he managed to take to his checking account, being one of the best bettors in the NBA.

The fans arrive at the Nueva Castalia Stadium

The fans arrive at the Nueva Castalia Stadium

CD Castellon

“I think that Castellón can reach the First Division, but it will take a lot of work. I want to and I believe that it can be achieved. And it would also mean a lot of money. I know that in First RFEF income is not very high. I know it will take time and money, but we have a plan and we are going to follow it to get where we want to be.”

Haralabos Voulgaris has made it clear that, despite this latest move, he is clear that the club belongs to the city and its fans. And that his mission will be for them to enjoy it and be proud of the team. He has also clarified that he will not be in Castalia every day, but that he has an important conglomerate that will work for him and that will always have him connected with the club.

In addition, he has also clarified that in recent years he has studied and followed football much more than basketball and that, as a fan of numbers, he has controlled the growth model that Spanish football needs. And for this he will drink from different sources, some of them located in England: “One of the club models that I like is that of Tony Bloom in it Brighton. I am not saying that we will do the same, but I like how he works”.

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