23 September 2022

That’s how it is! In these places, a series of codes of conduct must be complied with, that is, some basic rules. How not to attract attention or wear clothing according to the occasion. It is not necessary to go formal, but neither with too casual clothes. Here we will talk about the 5 most common codes of conduct.

Keep your forms, win or lose

In the casinos you can’t scream. The image we have in our mind when a person wins or loses good money is that, but it is not the appropriate behavior. It should be noted that it is a place dedicated to gambling and everyone who enters will win and lose money. The right thing to do is to stay calm.

Silence mobiles

There is nothing more annoying than being focused on a strategy game and a mobile phone starts ringing. Players lose concentration and this hurts them in the game. The casino is going to be played and have a fun time, therefore, it is necessary to silence or turn off the mobile to avoid setbacks.

Do not take pictures inside the casino

Not all casinos have this prohibition, although it is the general rule. Also, possibly most of the people present there are uncomfortable being exposed to the photos. If you want to do one, and the casino does not prohibit it, you can always ask the staff for permission before doing it. And the same goes for videos.

Do not sit at the tables if you are not going to play

Do you want to see the game up close? Well, it can be done, but it is not recommended to sit at the table. This is only for gamers. The usual thing is that those who do not participate, if they are interested in the game, stand around it to see all the plays. That way they won’t interfere in the game.

Be nice to the dealer

In addition to asking for the chips when you’re at the table to play roulette, you should also avoid touching them when the game starts. It is he who is in control of what happens at the table. Players only have the right to move their chips when the dealer invites them to place bets.

If you place bets in an online casino you will not have problems, you will be able to avoid all these premises. Although we recommend that when you are playing you silence your mobile to avoid distractions. They can make you lose a bet! You can visit online casinos like Sisal, Bwin o Betsson for fun.

Source: www.juego-legal-espana.es

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