In order to assert themselves against the centralized corporations, FetchAI, SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol are joining forces. The newly formed alliance brings an AI coin into the top 20 of the crypto rankings for the first time.

With FetchAI, SingularityNET and the Ocean Protocol, three of the strongest AI coins are joining forces to form the “Superintelligence Alliance”. By joining forces, they want to ensure that AI development is not captured by monolithic corporations, but also remains accessible to decentralized projects.

The announcement contains little that is concrete, but a lot that is vague and utopian. The least interesting point in itself, but the most important and clear one for investors, is what happens to the tokens. We’ll get to that in a moment. But first, let’s try to outline the why and how, since a token should never be an end in itself.

First of all, the announcement notes that the field of AI development is evolving at a phenomenal rate. At this rate, we will soon achieve not only an “Artificial General Intelligence” (AGI) – an AI that masters every human cognitive competence – but also an “Artificial Super Intelligence” (ASI): an artificial intelligence that far exceeds human mind and “operates effectively with the sum of all human knowledge.”

An ASI is currently still utopian. Fortunately. It is probably part of her nature that we as humans cannot understand what she can do and what she does, just as a rabbit cannot understand what a person does and why. An ASI will effectively downgrade us to the second most intelligent life form on the planet.

It is now important for the Superintelligence Alliance that such a powerful – so useful, so destructive – tool is not in the hands of a few, but is decentralized. “Together, we want to offer AI researchers, companies and governments an alternative that doesn’t lock them in fenced gardens, doesn’t impose a particular bias, and doesn’t risk excluding users.”

However, it doesn’t get much more specific than that. The resources necessary to compete in this fierce competition must be “vertically integrated,” including the infrastructure, data management, models, predictions, and so on and so forth. The Superintelligence Alliance is intended to pool these resources and make them more than the sum of their parts. These parts are Fetch’s AI agents, SingularityNET’s research and development, and Ocean’s protocol for data sharing and monetization.

Basically, the concern is right, probably even right, and as an alliance the projects can actually hold their own better against titans like OpenAI, Microsoft and Google. However, the concrete advantages that arise from this are not immediately apparent; possibly that the newly created $ASI token promises a higher market capitalization and thus higher liquidity.

Because if we look for something concrete, then it is this: the tokens of the three coins – $AGIX, $OCEAN, $FET – merge to form the $ASI token. The benchmark is the highest rated FET token. The 1.152 billion FET tokens in circulation, valued at $2.50, will be exchanged 1:1 for ASI tokens. In addition, another 1.48 billion ASI tokens will be created, of which 867 million will go to AGIX holders and 611 million to OCEAN holders. They can exchange their tokens for ASI tokens at a fixed rate for ten years without haste. With a current market capitalization of almost seven billion dollars, the new ASI coin will become a top 20 cryptocurrency.


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