Coinbase, one of the giants in the world of cryptocurrencies, recently announced a strategic update to the management of USD Coin (USDC) accounts, highlighting an important transition to the use of its own layer 2 blockchain on Ethereum, known as Base. This change, revealed by Coinbase vice president Max Branzburg through a statement on the X platform on March 26, aims to optimize the management and protection of client funds by offering more affordable fees and more agile settlement processes.

Specifically, the change will affect accounts on, leaving Coinbase Wallet accounts as is, allowing users to maintain control over their private keys. The security of users’ tokens will continue to be a priority, with the platform utilizing multi-party computing technology to protect assets.

Coinbase’s strict policy on asset management is highlighted by Branzburg, who states that the company guarantees a 1:1 match of customers’ assets, avoiding lending funds without their express authorization. This innovation is not just an operational change; it symbolizes an important step towards the realization of a blockchain-based financial ecosystem.

Industry figures such as David Hoffman and Ryan Sean Adams from the Bankless podcast recognize this initiative as a milestone towards the vision of a fully on-chain financial future. Adams, in particular, sees this move as setting a new standard for other exchanges and banking institutions, envisioning a world where every asset is tokenized and every banking transaction takes place on a blockchain.

Despite the enthusiasm, the centralization of the Base generates debates. Coinbase has pledged to progressively decentralize the platform, a commitment reinforced by the release of Base’s source code in October, promoting greater transparency and community engagement.

Since its launch on August 9, 2023, Base has stood out as an effective solution for scaling on Ethereum, utilizing optimistic rollups to optimize off-mainchain transaction data storage. It is currently the fourth largest Layer 2 on Ethereum in terms of total value locked at $2.63 billion, and recently reached a new milestone of 2 million daily transactions.

Coinbase’s initiative to integrate USDC accounts with Base not only promises significant improvements in efficiency and security, but also represents a strategic move to strengthen on-chain financial infrastructure, setting an important precedent for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.


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