The investigation of shooting of which he was a victim Darko Kovacevic on January 7 in Athens could bring an unexpected surprise. According to the Serbian newspaper ‘Telegraf’, his ex-partner Raul Bravo -agree on Olympiakos– could be the “intellectual author” of the shooting, for which the former Madrid soccer player is accused of being the one who ordered the attack on the former Real Sociedad striker.

“Las greek authorities have tried to investigate this, but so far they have no evidence and they cannot confirm it”, assures the Serbian newspaper. ‘La Gazzetta’, also echoing the Balkan media, provides the possible motive for Raúl Bravo: “Kovacevic could have been aware of some details about buying and selling matches in Spain”.

The rigging plot

Raúl Bravo was imprisoned last May in the framework of the ‘Operation Oikos‘. He was accused, along with Carlos Aranda, of being the ‘ringleader’ of a rigging plot linked to sports betting. He is currently in bail.

The Greek Police found the ‘assault’ vehicle burned, but is still looking for the bala with which he shot himself Kovacevic. From some sectors it is pointed out that it could be a “warning” and not an assassination attempt. It appears that one could have been used. unloaded pistol with the sole purpose of scaring the former Real Sociedad attacker.

Match at Olympiacos

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Kovacevic46, was transferred to the hospital for “preventive” reasons, but he only had knee injuries and in the wrist because of the fall in his attempt to take refuge. The Serb was leaving his home in Athens when he was shot. He received a shot from about three meters and fell to the ground pretending to be dead to avoid more bullets. The suspect, who got out of a car, fled.

Both the weapon used and the vehicle were found less than a kilometer from Kovacevic’s home. The Police thought from the outset that the attack was carried out by professionals. Raúl Bravo and Darko Kovacevic they played together in the ranks of the Olympiakos Greek from 2007 to 2009.


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