The Minister of Justice, Interior and Victims, Enrique Lopezhas described as “frivolous” to limit the time opening of the betting shops as proposed by the Minister of Consumption and Social Welfare, Alberto Garzonencouraging him to get to know “this activity better so that he can take “serious” measures that reconcile the maintenance of an economic activity with the due protection of public health.

This was stated in an interview in ‘Onda Madrid’. He is also responsible for the PP in matters of Justice in relation to yesterday’s statements in which the new minister stated that it is necessary to regulate the activity of halls and betting houses posing a public health problem. In the first place, López recalled that in Madrid the granting of licenses for new gambling venues has been paralyzed in order to carry out a pricing decree that establishes measures.

“We are facing a legal economic activity that it poses a risk to public health, but not a problem, and forces us to intervene and take measures proportional to the end pursued”, stressed the Madrid minister. After that, he encouraged the minister to learn “better about the activity before to propose measures”, explaining that in Madrid, for example, the accent is placed on controlling the entry of minors and the most vulnerable population. For this reason, there has been a physical control since last November.

Public health protection

Given this, he has insisted that it is “a very serious issue” so that it is treated in a “somewhat frivolous” way. “Here we take things very seriously. You don’t have to add fuel to the fire. What you have to do is try serious measures that reconcile the maintenance of a legal economic activity throughout Europe with the due protection of public health”, he said, showing himself in favor of regulating online advertising.

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Thus, he has stressed that it seems “frivolous” to have to set an hour at the start of this activity, since it is a “serious” issue that affects “rights” and “principles”, and he has opted to speak with the sector, associations and agents involved, for which the Government will have the full collaboration of the regional Government.


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