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Raul Bravo He is one of those strange characters that sometimes leaves professional football. A sports career with ups and downs and with moments of some light and many shadows. Since his passage through Real Madrid until his entry into jail, the Gandia He has experienced them in all colors in his career. He now he reaches the modest UD Beniopa at 40 years old.

When many thought that he was no longer in circulation and that he could have already been withdrawn, the youth squad player for the white team has once again been in the news. A new team in its extensive history of ins and outs that marks one of those peculiar careers in the world of football. After going through countries like spain, England, Greece o Belgiumthe left-back is creating his own modest football legacy.

Now prepare your arrival at the Second Regional Division of the Valencian Community to continue expanding its history. This European soccer globetrotter has now become a modest soccer reference as he resists hanging up his boots for good. In addition, it is a movement that comes after last August signed for the Caught.

Raúl Bravo during a press conference

Raúl’s new adventure

Raúl Bravo has a new team. the player of Gandia He has just signed for the whole of his town, the Beniopa Sports Union. Whoever was a member of clubs like Real Madrid or the Olympiakos now he continues to take his last steps in the most modest categories. Specifically in Group 11 of the Second Regional of the Valencian Community.

His new club announced it with joy and pride for receiving a player who has come to play important evenings in competitions such as the Champions League. This official statement has also acquired great relevance in the national territory through social networks since the new signing has been the most commented.

In this way, the 40-year-old footballer continues to take steps to get away from the legal problems that caused a major break in his career. In addition to having gone through great squads on the Old Continent, that experience of having been in jail is a most extravagant chapter in the career of a top-level footballer.

A football globetrotter

Raúl Bravo’s career is one of the longest in Spanish football today. His first steps of relevance came in 1993 and almost 30 years later he continues to talk about. He excelled in Sports Union Almoines and then jump to the Olot Sports Union. That’s where his talent arose, making the difference in the lower categories of both teams before consummating his arrival at the ‘White House’ and complete its most media stage.

In 1997 he signed for Real Madrid to strengthen the ranks of the Castilla where he remained for several years as a fundamental part of one of the most competitive squads of the white subsidiary. His good work allowed him to make the leap to the first team where he remained for a few courses without much prominence. He had to go out Englandal Leeds Unitedto return much more done and extend his stay at Real Madrid four more courses.

He said goodbye to the merengue entity in 2007 and there he began his journey through a carousel of teams that seems to have no end. One of his most successful ventures was in Greece, during his time at Olympiacos. There he enjoyed the Champions League again and performed at one of the highest levels of his professional career. However, that stage had a small interval with a step included by the Numancia and then return to Spain. would be in the Vallecano Ray.

Raúl Bravo and Kovacevic

After leaving the Madrid team, he began an adventure abroad with a stadium in Belgium. signed for him Beerschot Antwerp. A year later he returned to national territory to join the ranks of the Córdoba and shortly after he moved back to Greece, where he had lived his most golden days, Real Madrid aside. They believe y Aris of Thessaloniki were their destinations. In 2017 he decided to end his career, but the soccer bug was still inside him and he resumed his activity in modest soccer.

Now he is spending his last days in modest football, playing in the lower divisions of Valencian football. In fact, this same August he had signed for Pego of the first Regional of Valencia to now take a new step down. Specifically to Beniopa who plays in a lower category. It seems that at 40 years of age a footballer who even became international with the Selection and who lifted the Champions League in 2002.

Marked for ‘Operation Oikos’

Raúl Bravo’s career in the world’s soccer elite has been most extravagant. However, his life in parallel to the ball has been even more so. This is undoubtedly marked by his time in prison as the ringleader of one of the biggest sports betting schemes that has ever occurred in national football.

was the great ‘Operation Oikos’ in which he was linked to his great friend and ex-partner Carlos Aranda. The two met in the Real Madrid youth academy, in the old Ciudad Deportiva, and not only joined their paths in sports, but also in their long list of crimes. This plot related to sports betting, and together with other types of more notorious crimes, ended up directly marking the sports career of Raúl Bravo.

His relationship with Aranda got him involved in really serious problems that he now wants to get out of in what is now his new life. He was released from prison in May 2019 and he did so with the firm purpose of continuing his career, even if it was in modest football as he does in this final part of his career.

Raúl Bravo, leaving the courts

Raúl Bravo, leaving the courts


Together they not only had adventures in Spain, but also in Greece, where Aranda frequently visited Raúl on his €20,000-a-week houseboat. He lived on a large yacht that forced him to take a jet ski every time he wanted to do some daily activity like go shopping.

That mythical plot of match-fixing and corruption with betting orchestrated from Málaga and that it had its focus of action in the lower categories of Valencian football, ended with the arrest of both. It was all illegal gains until the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (UDEV) of the National Police appeared at the Bravos’ house where they arrested him while they found boxes full of money.

In addition to ‘Operation Oikos’, the two ex-madridistas were involved in the ‘Operation DJ’which resulted in several arrests for the sale of cocaine and ecstasy in nightclubs in Madrid. In this plot, more than 8 kilos of cocaine and some 4,000 pills were seized. Now, far from those scams, Raúl Bravo hopes to continue with his career in modest Valencian football.

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