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The decision for the Copa do Brasil title is approaching, with Flamengo and São Paulo in the final. This confrontation, which takes place on Sunday, could move the crypto market, more precisely the Fan Tokens sector. Both clubs competing in the final have Fan Tokens that can be traded on the cryptocurrency exchange Mercado Bitcoin (MB).

As highlighted by Fabrício Tota, Director of New Business at MB, the MENGO and SPFC tokens may register high volatility with the confrontation:

“With teams performing above expectations, it is possible to bring fans closer. Therefore, we can expect a movement in asset prices in the coming days, especially this Sunday”, highlights Tota. “We will certainly have a positive impact on the champion team, which makes this the ideal time for investment,” he says.

SPFC x MengO

The MENGO and SPFC Fan Tokens are considered utility tokens for fans to interact and have a direct support relationship with the teams. Asset buyers can profit from their appreciation. Furthermore, they can support their respective clubs.

At the same time, token holders have greater accessibility in terms of costs and can guarantee exclusive benefits, such as tickets to games, presentations to players, autographed products and participation in some internal votes through the application.

The Flamengo Fan Token ($MENGO) costs around R$2.50 and, according to MB, has 18,372 holders. Meanwhile, the São Paulo Fan Token ($SPFC) costs R$2.84 and has 5,583 holders. To acquire the assets, simply create a free account on the MB platform.

Fan Tokens and Football Tokens

Fan Tokens are possible ways to combine the passion for football with business opportunities. After all, these digital assets associated with sports clubs provide fans with their own advantages and uses, such as interaction with the clubs.

MB also makes Football Tokens available for purchase and sale. These are assets that represent a part of a team’s rights in player transfers and awards. The first asset of this type to hit the market was the Vasco Token, a partnership between MB and the Club de Regatas Vaso da Gama.

The Vila Token is also available for trading on MB, which generated remuneration for investors recently, with the transfer of player Neymar to Al-Hilal, from Saudi Arabia.

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