In the digital age we live in, technological developments are constant. One of the most recent advances was announced by OpenAI on September 25, when the company announced that ChatGPT will have the ability to recognize images and voice, marking another significant step in the interaction between humans and machines.

Tech and crypto enthusiasts will soon be able to rely on ChatGPT’s ability to receive voice commands. That’s because OpenAI has built in a text-to-speech model that produces audio from small samples created by professional voice actors. Additionally, Whisper, the company’s open source speech recognition system, is also leveraging this new functionality.

The applications of this new tool are wide: from helping to read stories before bed, through creating recipes, to preparing speeches and explaining popular expressions.

And it’s not just the voice that ChatGPT will understand. The possibility of interpreting images or specific parts of them was another big announcement. However, challenges involving image privacy have not been ignored by OpenAI. The company was transparent in mentioning that ChatGPT’s accuracy is not infallible. Still, its general descriptions about images are useful, an example of which is OpenAI’s previous collaboration with the Be My Eyes app, developed to help people who are blind or have low vision.

Of course, innovations of this magnitude do not come without concerns. OpenAI is aware of the risks of fraud and impersonation, so it has decided to limit voice functionality to its chat platform. Emphasis was placed on the fact that the audios are generated by professionals, not by users. A curiosity: Spotify, for example, is already using this functionality to translate participating podcasts into different languages.

ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users will be the first to experience these innovations in the coming weeks, while voice functionality will be available on iOS and Android subject to user opt-in, and image recognition functionality will be available on all platforms.


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