In a recent statement, Anatoly Yakovenko, founder of Solana, took a strong stance against the narrative that establishes competition between emerging blockchain protocols and Ethereum, often labeled as eth killer or “ETH killers”.

This terminology has been a constant in the industry to describe new blockchain technologies, such as Solana (SOL), seen as potential competitors to Ethereum (ETH).

Yakovenko’s views were shared via a post on the X app, aimed at both the public and the cryptocurrency community. He highlighted the negative effects of fomenting a sort of “cold war” between Ethereum and other protocols, arguing that such narratives harm the collective progress of the blockchain ecosystem more than they benefit.

Yakovenko advocates coexistence and technological optimism, viewing the relationship between Solana and Ethereum as one of mutual technological advancement. He maintains that although different blockchain technologies, such as SOL and ETH, may have similar functionalities and compete in the market, competition does not necessarily imply the downfall of one for the success of the other.

“Pareto efficient technologies can have overlapping features and compete, but that’s okay. I don’t see a future where Solana thrives and ETH somehow dies,” said Yakovenko, promoting a vision of a future where multiple blockchain technologies can flourish simultaneously.

Yakovenko also expressed his enthusiasm for advancements in blockchain technology, specifically mentioning “Danksharding.” This Ethereum scaling method aims to increase transactional capacity by offering more storage space for roll-up transactions. He envisions a future where such technologies will have enough bandwidth to accommodate all of Solana’s data, solidifying the idea of ​​technological coexistence.

Yakovenko’s stance became even more relevant after MakerDAO co-founder and CEO Rune Christensen announced plans to fork the NewChain protocol on the Solana blockchain, distancing itself from Ethereum. This move sparked backlash among some Solana supporters, who saw the transition as a competitive advantage over Ethereum.

Yakovenko addressed these sentiments, emphasizing the greater victory of open source technology and encouraging the Solana community to adopt a collaborative, less confrontational approach. “I hope people in the Solana community don’t use this as a cudgel to attack Ethereum,” he commented.

Anatoly Yakovenko’s recent statements and actions highlight a significant shift in the narrative around blockchain technology. Deviating from the zero-sum game mentality, Yakovenko proposes for Solana, and by extension the broader blockchain ecosystem, a vision of harmony, coexistence, and mutual growth.


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