In a move that has attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency market, Ripple, a giant in the digital payments sector, is preparing for a substantial sale of its XRP reserve this month according to finbold. With approximately 40.1 billion XRP held in deposit accounts, the company follows a regular practice of unlocking 1 billion tokens monthly, of which a portion is retained for its treasury reserves and for sales.

On March 1, Ripple continued to unlock another 1 billion XRP, valued at around US$630 million. Of this amount, the company decided to retain 200 million, a value currently estimated at around US$128 million, with each token having a value of US$0.64 so far. This procedure is not new, but follows the pattern observed in previous months.

The strategy for the March sale was evidenced by the transfer of 200 million XRP from the ‘Ripple (22)’ account, intended for unlocked collateral, to the ‘Ripple (1)’ account, used for treasury reserves. This maneuver is part of the company’s broader digital asset management plan, demonstrating meticulous control over its vast XRP reserves.

Details of the XRP collateralization process for March reveal a strategic approach to handling the tokens. Notably, the addresses ‘Ripple (22)’ and ‘Ripple (23)’ were last used this month with no future deposits expected for April. Among the operations, the distribution of 500 million XRP unlocked on March 1st stands out, with 200 million sent to ‘Ripple (1)’, 200 million to ‘Ripple (10)’, and 100 million to ‘Ripple (12) )’. The latter, used for the first time, together with ‘Ripple (10)’, will be used to redeposit XRP, with unlocks scheduled for July and August 2027, respectively.

Ripple’s sales and reserve management dynamics offer an interesting insight into financial and strategic planning within the volatile cryptocurrency market. These actions not only reflect the company’s operating practices but also impact the perceived value and long-term liquidity of XRP.

At the time of publication, the price of XRP was quoted at US$0.6469 with an increase of 9% in the last 24 hours.


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