Social networks are echoing these days a curious modality of bets enabled within the page Bet365. It has nothing to do with football or basketball; nor with any other sporting discipline. He event on which you can bet is nothing more and nothing less than the New Year’s speech by Queen Margaret II of Denmark. Specifically, platform users can play real money What words will the monarch use throughout her speech next year? December 31.

“Some small bets to the Queen of Denmark’s speech to close the year. Last year she dedicated one minute of her five-minute speech to talking about Ukraine“I don’t expect anything less this time,” commented a user in a post from gambling.

With fees that range between 1,001 and the 2.000 euros per euro played, the options available They are not few. Among the terms in this list are names of famouswords danes and even words that have nothing to do with current events.

Footballers, current affairs and others

Leo Messi, Vinicius Junior, Ronaldinho, Thiago Silva, Neymar o Angel Di Maria These are just a few names of footballers – each with their share, which is indeed high – that appear among the alternatives to play. They also appear famous from other areas, such as the businessman Elon Muskthe model Kim Kardashian or the actor Dwayne Johnson.

Regarding current sociopolitical events, other words like Israel, Hamas o Ukraine They are less risky bets, although there are also other options that have nothing to do with 2023: Pokémon Go, Legoland o ‘Squid Game’ (‘The Squid Game’) are just a few examples.

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The lowest fees on the list correspond to Faroe Islands y Greenlandterritories where Margaret II also reigns. Family, 2023 y 2024 o Christian from Denmark They are other alternatives, a priori, more expected.

It should be noted that this modality is not exclusive to Denmark. In Netherlands A type of bet has also been enabled similaralthough in this case you can bet on number of times that Queen Máxima will repeat each term.


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