Mercado Livre and Microsoft seek new services with Worldcoin. The cryptocurrency, which has generated controversy since its launch due to its innovative retinal scanning authentication method, has announced a significant expansion of its influence with the arrival of World ID 2.0. This announcement marks an important step for cryptocurrency, which now has the support of technology giants such as Microsoft, Telegram, Reddit and Mercado Livre.

World ID 2.0, described as a global identity for use on the internet, promises to revolutionize the way users authenticate themselves online, maintaining privacy and control of their identities. This system was developed to be an open protocol, aiming to belong to all people, as highlighted by Worldcoin in a recent statement.

Worldcoin Advances Digital Integration with Innovative World ID 2.0

Retina authentication offers innovative solution for online identification

The Worldcoin initiative, created by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, is seen as a response to the growing presence of artificial intelligence on the internet, offering a way to distinguish humans from AIs. This development is particularly relevant considering the accelerated expansion of AI technology and its integration into diverse areas of everyday life.

To date, more than 2.6 million people have had their retinas scanned by the controversial Worldcoin orbs, receiving Worldcoins (WLD) in return. Now, these users can also take advantage of the identity services offered by World ID on popular apps like Reddit, Discord, and Telegram.

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Modest appreciation of WLD indicates market caution in the face of new developments

The new version of World ID 2.0 promises to be up to 24 times faster than the previous one, which could increase its adoption among users. Despite privacy concerns, many see the system as a potential tool to combat bots. And also other fraudulent activities on social networks and online platforms.

However, in terms of market value, Worldcoin (WLD) registered a modest appreciation of 4% after the announcement, trading at US$12.35. The relatively timid market reaction may be attributable to the lack of direct mention of WLD in the World ID announcement. Thus, raising questions about the actual demand for cryptocurrency in relation to identity service usage.

This partnership between Worldcoin and large technology companies, however, signals a growing potential for cryptocurrency in the global market. So, particularly applications that require reliable and secure online identity verification.


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