Polygon Labs released a proposal to the community on September 21 for the Celo blockchain to utilize its Chain Development Kit (CDK) to facilitate the planned Layer 2 transition on Ethereum.

“We would like to offer an alternative path to transition to an L2, which would allow Celo to maximize the advantages of being an Ethereum L2 while maintaining the characteristics that made the network successful in the first place. Migrating to an Ethereum L2 is a major technical upgrade that should come with integrated Ethereum alignment and as close to a developer experience as possible without compromising security.”

To this end, Polygon Labs highlighted its proposal for the Celo Ecosystem to deploy an L2 using Polygon CDK, a software tool, which was revealed on August 29.

“Polygon Labs proposes that the Celo Ecosystem choose to deploy an L2 using Polygon CDK (Chain Development Kit), an open source toolset that developers can use to create their own ZK-powered L2 for Ethereum – and which allows L1s existing ones are converted to Ethereum L2s with little friction and an emphasis on modularity.”

Polygon CDK Chain Development Kit

The Chain Development Kit (CDK) allows developers to develop layer 2 chains for Ethereum, powered by zero-knowledge proofs.

In its announcement, the protocol explained that Polygon CDK is an open-source, modular codebase that anyone, anywhere can use to launch their own L2 chain, powered by Polygon’s industry-leading ZK technology.

“Any developer who deploys a chain using Polygon CDK will launch a ZK-powered L2 on Ethereum. By connecting to a shared ZK bridge, each chain is also seamlessly interoperable – connected to each other. Together, these chains form the value layer of the Internet,” he said.

Polygon CDK is the evolution of Supernets, which offered projects the ability to operate sidechain-like appchain protocols.


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