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Deputies who are part of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) that investigates financial pyramid schemes approved in a session held this Wednesday (20) the breach of banking secrecy of partner companies of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance in Brazil.

The request, authored by deputy Aureo Ribeiro (SOLIDARIEDADE/RJ), was presented on Tuesday (19). The text asked for the disclosure of data from companies such as Capitual and Latam Tecnologia, for example.

Capitual acted as Binance’s payment processor until June 2022. At that time, Binance announced a new partner, Latam Gateway, which continues to work in partnership with the cryptocurrency exchange.

“Requires the breaking of banking, tax and data secrecy, for the last 3 (three) years, with the companies Capitual Instituição de Paço SA, Acesso Soluções de Paço SA Instituição de Paço, Latam Tecnologia Instituição de Pago Ltda, and Banco BS2 SA , in relation to the company Binance, demonstrating all deposits and withdrawals made through customers of the aforementioned company.”

Pyramids CPI investigates Binance

Deputies also approved a separate request that asked the Central Bank for information about the authorization granted for the companies Latam Gateway and Capitual to act as payment institutions.

During the session, another request was also approved. This request asked the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) to send all processes involving organizations related to Binance to the CPI. This includes both current and past processes.

In June, the CPI of the pyramids summoned a series of representatives from the main crypto exchanges in Brazil, as well as those suspected of operating fraudulent schemes. Guilherme Haddad Nazar, general director of Binance in Brazil, was one of those invited.

According to the commission, the request for information from representatives of cryptocurrency companies does not mean that those mentioned are being or will be investigated. In fact, they will provide the CPI with relevant information about the cryptocurrency market in order to support the commission’s decisions.

At the CPI, Nazar stated that Binance’s cryptocurrency buying and selling platform has been misused by malicious people. Furthermore, he said that the company is in favor of regulating operations with crypto assets in Brazil.

“We have a team of more than 750 people globally that develop policies to prevent money laundering and other crimes. Furthermore, we have an individualized process through which we identify the client and set limits, which can only be exceeded upon proof of financial capacity,” he said.

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