The Worldcoin project has attracted attention and controversy alike. Promising the identification of individuals through advanced iris scanning technology, the project aims to facilitate a Universal Basic Income (UBI), but not without raising concerns about privacy and ethics among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Opposing this scenario, Polygon Labs, together with Animoca Brands, a venture capital focused on games, sheds light on a promising competitor: Humanity Protocol. Announced on a Tuesday brimming with innovation, Humanity Protocol emerges as a Layer 2 chain, enriched with zero-knowledge security and robustly supported by the expertise of Polygon Labs and Animoca Brands.

This new protagonist in the world of cryptocurrencies, affectionately nicknamed the “Human Layer of Web3”, promises a less invasive and safer territory for the creation of verifiable digital identities. Distancing itself from the biometric capture techniques that marked Worldcoin, the Humanity Protocol adopts an innovative consensus model based on “Proof of Humanity (PoH)”, employing palm recognition and ZK (Zero Knowledge) proofs. This method not only reduces intrusiveness but also increases privacy preservation, allowing users full ownership over their identity and data.

“The Humanity Protocol navigates the fine line between protecting against sibyls and protecting the fundamental values ​​of decentralization and anonymity,” highlights Polygon Labs, underlining the protocol’s commitment to privacy and security.

Furthermore, the introduction of Sybil resistance, along with node-level credential verification, opens the door to a myriad of new uses. From eradicating bots on decentralized social media platforms to fairdrops and user verification in tokenization projects, the Humanity Protocol’s spectrum of applicability is vast and promising.

With the announcement of an imminent testnet, the project signals not only technological advances, but also potential rewards for the network’s active participants. As the industry faces increasing challenges posed by AI bots and deepfakes, solutions like Humanity Protocol are emerging as beacons of hope, offering a future where digital identity is secure, private and, above all, humanly verifiable.


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